Lewis Hamilton’s jaw-dropping overtake of F1 sensation Max Verstappen still makes fans awestruck at Singapore GP

Just a year ago, the whole F1 community was going haywire over a slow-moving Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton getting lapped by a ‘rocket ship’ of Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. A year later, at the Singapore GP, things turned out quite interesting when the situation overturned.

Although it was nowhere near as dramatic as the original moment, it sure sparked some old feelings, which have managed to keep the F1 rivalries and Fan wars alive. We found it hard to believe considering the circumstances, but surprises happen for sure in this fast-moving world.

Lewis Hamilton casually overtake F1 sensation Max Verstappen at Singapore GP

In the Singapore GP, the Red Bulls had the worst race of the season, whereas Mercedes had one of their bests. It was such an irony considering the relationship between the two teams at the end of the Abu Dhabi 2021 GP and the 2021 championship title.

Max Verstappen’s car was plagued by a plethora of problems in its race setup. On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton was beaming with joy when his predictions about Mercedes’ ‘high-downforce setup’ became a reality and the Silver Arrows were arguably on the hunt for a win.

Lewis Hamilton upped the heat of the race by leaps and bounds, when he easily overtook Max Verstappen on lap 27 of the race. He made it seem like a piece of cake when he overtook the Dutch driver for fourth position. As Crofty aptly said, “…Max Verstappen disappears into the mirrors of Lewis Hamilton…”

The moment Lewis overtook Max fans of LH44 were overjoyed over his sensational triumph and the progress of their car against their ‘arch nemesis’ Red Bull.

F1 fans’ response to Lewis Hamilton’s stunning overtake of Max Verstappen

F1 fans were indeed spiced up seeing this moment and they couldn’t contain their excitement when they took to the online platform X( formerly Twitter) to express their views,

Soren44 seemed particularly excited when he posted his comment, as seen below.

Brenn Clinton wanted to be fair about the competition when he explained about the reason for the overtake.

Soraya was delighted at this particular experience and just couldn’t get enough of it.

Oragnetange was not very impressed with labeling the overtake as ‘casual’ because he wanted to consider Max’s situation as well.

Now, it seems like this exciting session in Singapore has managed to induce some particularly fiery debates in the fandom, and the next race will be a much anticipated one. Whether you are loving this overtake or you think it was a mere ‘incident’ on the racetrack, we would love to know.


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