“Lol tf y’all want us to say yeah they was gone win anyway” 49ers WR Deebo Samuel fires back at critics over his controversial statement on Eagles’ victory in NFC Championship

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel has made a bold statement about the team’s NFC Championship game against the Philadelphia Eagles, which ended in a 31-7 loss. Samuel believes that if the team had taken in one more quarterback, the outcome of the game would have been different.

In the game, 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy sustained a UCL injury and was forced to leave the game. This left the Niners to rely on backup Josh Johnson, who then suffered a concussion, forcing the team to rely on their running game. Samuel’s confidence in his team and his belief that they could have performed better if they had a healthy quarterback room has earned him both fans and haters.

Some fans appreciate Samuel’s confidence, while others view his statement as a baseless excuse for the team’s loss. Samuel took to Twitter to address these haters with a humorous response, questioning what they would have preferred him to say. He pointed out that he wouldn’t have said that the team was going to lose even if they had a healthy quarterback.

Despite the criticism, Samuel’s statement raises an interesting point about the importance of having a strong quarterback room. Injuries are a common occurrence in the NFL, and it’s crucial for teams to have backups who are ready to step in when needed. The 49ers’ experience in the NFC Championship game highlights the importance of having a deep and talented quarterback room, and it’s something that teams will undoubtedly consider moving forward.

At the end of the day, Samuel’s statement sparked a debate about what could have been in the NFC Championship game. While we’ll never know for sure, it’s clear that having a strong quarterback room is crucial for success in the NFL. And regardless of what the haters may say, Samuel’s confidence in his team shows that he is a player who won’t back down from a challenge.



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