“Look like Draymond Green was more prepped for his post game podcast than the actual game” Kendrick Perkins rips Warriors center for prioritizing podcast over actual game

Draymond Green apparently appeared to be super aware of his disappointing performance of 2pts, 4 Reb, and 3 assists against the Boston Celtics in the NBA finals last night. The power forward seems to be having a rough time, finding his rhythm, getting into the zone, and in the process is preventing him from emerging into his true potential .

When asked about the most distinguishable factor what lead to the defeat of his team, Draymond took all the blame on himself and replied, “The most disappointing fact for us, was that I was soft”. The way, Draymond was more interested to accuse himself rather than any individual or other reasons tactically skipping the fuss about his podcasts which might very well be the reason of his being not a 100 percent.

Even though the NBA universe agrees with Kendrick Perkins; the Warriors’ power forward thinks that his podcast assists critics!. It is rumored that he accidentally leaked some confidential information about his team strategy through slip of tongue in his podcast “The Draymond Green Show”.

A reporter brought up a sensitive topic of discussing the “X’s and O’s” on Draymond’s podcast. The idea of “X’s and O’s” means the game plan, strategy, and adjustment of his team. However, Green only uses his podcast to communicate with his fans and does not have any intentions to leak internal team information.

The 32-year-old, in the end, promises his fans and critics by saying, “we will be better, I will be better, I promise”.

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