Man City’s high-profile lawyer set to be paid as much as Kevin De Bruyne as they start legal battle against Premier League over FFP rule violations

After breaching the Premier League conducts and fair play regulations, Manchester City has been brought under the charge of violating more than 100 allegations.

Premier League lodged a formal complaint against the defending champions following a four-year investigation and there will a board of committees that will listen to both parties and announce a verdict.

Man City has Confirmed a new counsel for the defense, which will see him receive £10,000 per hour. This sponsorship will last until they clear their PL charges.

Lord Pannick KC – set to defend Man City vs the PL – typically charges around £5,000 an hour, but has been known to request up to £10,000. At the top end, come the trial when he is working full-time, Pannick could be paid £80,000 a day, or £400,000 a week.

Lord Pannick KC, also known as David Pannick, is a British barrister and a cross-bench life peer in the House of Lords. He has a reputation as one of the UK’s leading public law and human rights barristers and has appeared in many high-profile cases in UK courts, including the Supreme Court.

The Brit barrister could earn the same as Kevin De Bruyne per week while defending Man City. At £5,000 an hour, he would still be paid more than all but seven of the squad players.

Lord Pannick is a prolific writer and commentator on legal and constitutional issues and is frequently called upon to give expert opinions in the media. He was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1988 and was awarded a life peerage in 2015.

Man City believed, Pannick is the man who could secure them the much-deserved equity they are looking for and was ready to offer him what he wants in exchange for this escape.

The City hierarchy is adamant to go to the level they can reach if a suitable result didn’t arrive to their way after declaring they would submit the case to the Supreme court if justice is not delivered to them and Lord KC will be the trace they follow.


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