Manchester United winger Antony lands in hot water with ex-wife set to launch domestic violence charge amid Mason Greenwood controversy

It looks like Manchester United cannot stay away from controversies no matter how hard they try. It is no news to anyone that for the past few years, the club is consistently going downhill and now the players find themselves tangled between controversial news articles and court cases. The first player to fall prey to all this was Mason Greenwood in the January of 2022 Mason’s girlfriend accused him of sexual assault and rape.

The winger was immediately suspended by the club when this information came to light. But, the club’s misfortune did not end there. In June 2023, winger Antony Matheus was also accused of domestic violence by his former partner Gabriela Cavallin, in Brazil. Both players find themselves in somewhat similar situations so let us study each of their cases.

Antony set to face legal battle with ex-wife over domestic violence allegation

Gabriela Cavallin and Antony had a relationship going on in 2022, she filed a report in Sao Paulo. She claims that Antony physically abused her on May 20, 2023, the same day Manchester United was set to face Bournemouth. The allegations do not stop there apart from accusing her ex-boyfriend of the assault she also claims that he threatened to kill her. In a recent interview, Gabriella told the press that the famous footballer threatened to kill her and their son if she ends their relationship.

According to her, Antony was completely out of control. “He broke my suitcase, took my handbag, my passport. He broke my mobile phone, he wouldn’t let me go. I was a prisoner from 10 pm to almost 3.30 am. I call it private captivity. I just wanted to get out of there and he told me that I wouldn’t leave until I erased everything. I think his mother called his physiotherapist and asked for help. No one could control it,” she said.

Mason Greenwood

Antony has finally broken the silence on the case and he has denied all accusations made by Gabriella. He said that he never did any of the things she accused him of. He believes in the justice system and hopes that soon justice will prevail and his image will be cleared.

“After this investigation is over, my innocence will be clear and justice will prevail. The damage that was initially caused to my image will be in the past. Even though I was born and raised in a very poor region, I had never been through a situation like this,” said Antony.

United facing severe backlash following Mason Greenwood’s announcement

Mason Greenwood faced a similar case in January 2022. The Englishman was accused of sexual assault by girlfriend, Harriet Robson. On a regular Sunday morning pictures were posted from Harriet’s account with blood and bruises on her body she claimed that this is what Mason actually does to her. Though the pictures were soon deleted the damage was already done. Mason has since been suspended from the club at full pay.

Gladly the charges against Mason Greenwood dropped in February, and Harriet’s father revealed that her phone was hacked, and she never intended to post any of those pictures. In an interview, he said, “She has told us her phone has been hacked. We told her to take it down, which she has done but it’s out there now so it is too late.”

Even though the allegations have been dropped and Mason is cleared of all charges he is still not called back by the club. His return to United will undoubtedly give rise to several controversies and a lot of backlash from fans, especially women. Coach Erik Ten Hag seems open to the idea of Mason Greenwood’s return but the club still has its concerns as some employees threaten to quit.

Mason Greenwood is eager to play and continue his career. Rumors are he will be more than happy to continue his career someplace other than Manchester United. News about United planning to loan out the player to other clubs in Spain or Italy has also been spreading. Nothing can be said about his future right now so all we can do is wait and watch.



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