Marcus Rashford reportedly dents $750,000 Rolls-Royce in rash crash

Manchester United winger Marcus Rashford, a car enthusiast, owns three Rolls-Royces, a McLaren, and a Lamborghini. The English forward has recently been involved in a serious car accident, which could have ended terribly for him.

It appears that wingers from the Premier League club often find themselves in trouble. While Rashford’s issues may not be as significant as Antony’s and Greenwood’s, the English footballer is still deeply shaken.

Marcus Rashford involved in car crash

Marcus Rashford and his team faced Burnley on September 24 in the Premier League round 6. The Red Devils won the match, thanks to an incredible goal scored by captain Bruno Fernandes. The Portuguese midfielder scored a volley, putting the ball into the back of the net, giving United a one-goal lead that they latched on to till the last minute.

Marcus Rashford
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After the match, Rashford left in his £700k Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge but soon fell victim to a car accident at Carrington Spur. He was driving back home when he lost control and crashed into a traffic island. The footballer was visibly shaken after the crash.

While his car sustained significant damage, Rashford managed to escape without any serious injuries. The 25-year-old was pleased with the result of his last match, as the victory elevated his club to 8th position in the Premier League. However, the accident has left him deeply affected.

Marcus Rashford
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Aftermath of the crash incident

Cops arrived promptly at the crash site, but no arrests were made as the player had not broken any laws, and no ambulances were called because he survived the crash without any injuries. Photos from the incident show a traffic pole knocked down several meters away.

Team captain Bruno Fernandes displayed his concern for his teammate by arriving at the location immediately to offer assistance to Rashford. The area is now cordoned off with cones and barriers. Marcus Rashford was fortunate to escape such an accident without any injuries, and the player will undoubtedly be more cautious from now on.

Marcus Rashford
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There have been no comments from Manchester United thus far, but they must be relieved that their player is safe and sound. Marcus Rashford has yet to speak up about the accident and provide insight into what exactly happened.


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