Mavs’ star weighs in on LeBron James’ regret naming Bronny after him saying “your son’s gonna have to build his own legacy”

In the world of professional sports, the name you carry can often hold significant weight, especially if you come from a family of accomplished athletes. But what happens when the name becomes a double-edged sword for your child? LeBron James recently expressed regret for naming his son Bronny after himself. He fears the pressure of his legacy hindering his son’s ability to build his own. 

The topic has sparked a debate within the sports community, and Dallas Mavericks star, Tim Hardaway Jr., has weighed in on the matter.

Tim Hardaway Jr. shares the name of his Hall of Fame father, Tim Sr., who believes it’s essential for “King James” to take a step back and let Bronny make his mark in the basketball world.

Although Hardaway Jr. sympathizes with James‘ concern for his son’s future, he thinks ultimately, Bronny will have to carve out his own legacy on the court. Hardaway Jr. suggests Bronny focus on building his own name, as the shadow of his father’s legacy will eventually dissipate.

“I understand where he’s coming from, but I mean your son’s gonna have to build his own legacy for sure.” 

“That’s what my whole mindset has been throughout this whole entire process from when I started picking up a basketball till now. I think I’m doing a damn good job of it you know just create my own legacy and just making sure when I’m walking around they say that’s Tim Hardaway Jr. that’s not Tim hardaway’s son you know, so that’s like a big a big deal to me,” Hardaway Jr. said.


LeBron James didn’t make a wrong decision

LeBron James

While Hardaway Jr.’s game is vastly different from his father’s, it remains to be seen whether LeBron and Bronny’s case is the same.

Nevertheless, as a supportive father, Hardaway Jr. commends King James for doing an excellent job. He also believes there’s nothing wrong with naming your son after yourself and it’s an honor to carry the name to the best of one’s abilities.

“I think it’s great [that] you’re naming your son after you. I mean, it’s a privilege; it’s an honor to carry it to the best of your abilities. And whatever your son wants to do, just be behind him. I’m not telling them how to raise a kid or whatever, but you know from looks of it, [LeBron’s] doing a heck of a job,”

At present, Bronny has yet to commit to any college or university, but once he completes one season, he will be eligible for the NBA Draft in 2024. 

In the end, it’s up to Bronny to make a name for himself in the game, and Hardaway Jr. thinks that he’s more than capable of doing just that.

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