Minnesota Vikings’ Adam Thielen opens up about new diet ahead of new season

Minnesota native Adam Thielen is coming off a season where cursed with injury he missed six of the season games. He is turning 30 later this month. Going through such an offseason where no player, coach, manager and team imagined that’d happen.

With so much time away from football because of the COVID-19 outbreak, Thielen has had ample opportunity to think about the way he readies himself for a season, to identify ways he needs to improve his game and his body. 

Adam Thielen was in The Pat McAfee Show talking with McAfee about his future plan in the football and what he is currently looking forward to.

Adam was asked how he is planning to head towards season 10 with the arrangement of a new offensive head coach and with new energy in the building. Adam took this question responding:

“I think there’s is a lot of things to play into it, I think I have had to take care of my body, I’ve found a way to take care of my body a little better.” 

Adam Thielen just seriously looking into the next season after so many days off and not having a decent set of stats in recent past, as he says “Just one more sseason”. Thielen’s ideology for heading to the next season is, as he says:

“Just one more year and to feel good… I don’t wanna come in this building everyday…. I want to be just myself in the field trying to be a dog out there.”

Well, the intentions are very clear, Adam is very serious to have his last few days in the field as good as he can and he seems determined enough to work that out.

The Vikings had just bowed out of the NFC divisional playoffs in January 2020 when Adam Thielen sat down with longtime personal trainer Ryan Englebert for their annual planning session. The item atop both of their lists: How to keep injuries such as the hamstring strain that bothered the receiver through much of 2019 from becoming a regular occurrence.

Thielen first injured his hamstring on a touchdown pass from Kirk Cousins in a Week 7 win against the Lions, and would miss nearly two months after a pair of setbacks that prolonged his absence.

The Minnesota star tried to return from the injury two weeks later against the Chiefs, but played only seven snaps before aggravating his leg, and would miss another four games, with his return date postponed by two weeks after another setback in a December outdoor practice.

Watch the full conversation in The Pat McAfee Show


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