Missouri rep Mark Alford trolls Bengals’ fans, ‘Jabroni’ mayor after Chiefs victory in AFC Championship game

Trash-talking has been part of sports for a long time. Athletes and fans usually involve themselves in such activities to fire their opponents up in an attempt to break their momentum. It seems like politicians are now also joining the party with Missouri Congressman’s speech.

It all started when Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Pureval posted a video where he trash-talked against the Chiefs team and made a terrible statement about their quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Following his trash-talk, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas was not far behind in roasting the Pureval. 

With all the trash-talking going back and forward, every fan anticipated a high-voltage encounter between the two teams, and they sure did live up to all the expectations. The match between the Chiefs and the Bengals turned out to be a nail bitter as fans could not get their eyes off the game, and it went down to the wire. 

The Chiefs proved to be the better team, with Mahomes and Kelce again providing the “goods.” On the other hand, Joseph Ossai choked in the crucial final quarter of the game, and due to his mistake- committing a foul to Patrick- the Chiefs got the better part of the pendulum that allowed them not to repeat last year’s result. 

Afterward, emerging as the victors of the AFC Championship, the Chiefs team gave the Bengals what they deserved- a taste of their own medicine- bashing anyone who trash-talked against them before the all-important match. The Missouri Congressman’s speech was also part of the bash, as he went on to bash the Cincinnati Mayor and the Bengals team. 

What happened in the Missouri Congressman’s speech?

Mark Alford was not shy to bash the Bengals team and their fans. However, his statement did not make much sense as he said, “despite having the referees against them the entire game, the chiefs made short work of the Bungles – I mean Bengals.”

The referees were fair in the game, if not in favor of the Chiefs. Thus, after his speech went viral, fans estimated that the Missouri Congressman did not watch the game and just came out to show his political support for the Chiefs.

With his “cringeworthy” statement, Mark Alford makes us wonder, and we leave you with a question, should politicians engage themselves in sports trash-talk? Or should they remain to be neutral? You can share your opinion in the comments.


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