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NFL Ref ignores some of the questionable calls during key play in AFC championship game of Bengals vs Chiefs

bengals vs chiefs referee

The AFC championship game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals raised temperatures long before the game, and it appears that the temperature is still rising after the game.

The Chiefs won the game in a close, contested thriller with a 23-20 score, which was produced by a couple of unexpected turns during the play. The Bengals’ Joseph Ossai tackle on Patrick Mahomes, which the referee called a foul, was the decisive moment among them.

Though Joseph Ossai felt guilty for his untimely action, there are a couple of other variables that also propelled the mentioned scores. And the referees are once again at the cannon’s end.

What did the referee do in the game of Bengals vs. Chiefs?

The call on Ossai’s foul wasn’t in question, but the losing team always finds a way to blame the referee. Having said that, there were some contentious calls or missed calls in Sunday night’s game.

In a moment during the first half, the Chiefs were handed a free play that might end in the host’s punt on fourth down. On the sideline, the Bengals coach was seen fuming at the referee’s decision.

In the second half, the Chiefs almost gained a fourth-and-inches in the red zone, but the referee’s review overturned the call and the Chiefs were awarded a first down. The Chiefs were able to score a touchdown eventually and get in front.

It seems that the pressure of a high-voltage game might affect the decision in favor of the host. This is no surprise that a host team would get such a treat from the officials, but in an event like this championship, it would result in a big turnout.

The game produced a low-scoring performance where the winner got only a three-point edge to win. The Bengals supposedly go berserk for these kinds of situations where they could change the fate of the game.

What’s your opinion on the referee’s decisions? Was he biased in favor of the host? You can comment on your thoughts in the box below.




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