Mr. Olympia 2021 Results+complete winners list of all divisions

The Olympia is the biggest event for the bodybuilders worldwide, which has been taking place since 1965. However, Mr. Olympia never disappoints the fans and 2021 is no different. After two days of competition the 2021 Mr. Olympia results are out for all categories.

Although there have been some issues with the Covid-19 but the 46th Mr. Olympia went smoothly. Nevertheless, the Men’s Open division faced some shake ups this year as the qualifiers were in and out. Nathan De Asha could not join the final event due to travel issues. Meanwhile, seven-time champion Phil Heath did not participate this year.

This article will provide the complete list of the Mr. Olympia 2021 Results for all 11 divisions.

Mr. Olympia 2021 Results: Who is the Mr. Olympia 2021 winner?

Mr. Olympia 2021 Purse Prize Money
Mr. Olympia 2021 winners. Image Courtesy of mrolympiallc

Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay wins the Mr. Olympia 2021. Reportedly he took control during the prejudging round. Brandon Curry became second and Hadi Choopan became third one again. However, Hunter Labrada improved a lot and jumped three spots from last year and placed fourth while Nick Walker was fifth.

Place Name Country
1 Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay Egypt
2 Brandon Curry USA
3 Hadi Choopan Iran
4 Hunter Labrada USA
5 Nick Walker USA
6 William Bonac Netherlands
7 Iain Valliere Canada
8 Justin Rodriguez USA
9 Akim Williams USA
10 Mohamed Shaaban Egypt

Men’s 212 Olympia Results

2021 Olympia 212 Winners
Image: Courtesy of mrolympiallc
Place Name Country
1 Derek Lunsford USA
2 Shaun Clarida USA
3 Kamal Elgargni Libya
4 Angel Calderon Frias Spain
5 Nathan Epler USA
6 Ahmad Ashkanani Kuwait
7 Naser Mohammed Kuwait
8 Kerrith Bajjo USA
9 John Jewett USA
10 Tonio Burton USA

Fitness Division Results

2021 Olympia Fitness Winners
Image: Courtesy of mrolympiallc
Place Name Country
1 Whitney Jones USA
2 Missy Truscott USA
3 Oksana Grishina Russia
4 Ariel Khadr USA
5 Jaclyn Baker USA
6 Tamara Vahn Canada
7 Sara Kovach USA
8 Darrian Borello USA
9 Minna Pajulahti Finland
10 Aurika Tyrgale USA

 Ms. Olympia 2021

Ms. Olympia 2021 Winners
Image: Courtesy of mrolympiallc
Place Name Country
1 Andrea Shaw USA
2 Helle Trevino USA
3 Margie Martin USA
4 Mona Poursaleh Canada
5 Irene Andersen Sweden
6 Michaela Aycock USA
7 Virginia Sanchez Spain
8 Janeen Lankowski USA
9 Margita Zamolova Czech Republic
10 Nadia Capotosto Italy

 2021 Figure Olympia Winners

2021 Olympia Figure Winners
Image: Courtesy of Flex
Place Name Country
1 Cydney Gillon USA
2 Natalia Soltero Mexico
3 Stephanie Gibson USA
4 Jessica Reyes Padilla Puerto Rico
5 Nicole Zenobia Graham USA
6 Larhannah Robinson USA
7 An Da Jeong South Korea
8 Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz USA
9 Lola Montez Canada
10 Heather Dees USA

Cydney Gillon is the five time Figure Olympia Champion

Women’s Physique Results

Women’s Physique winners
Image: Courtesy of mrolympiallc
Place Name Country
1 Sarah Villegas USA
2 Natalia Abraham Coelho USA
3 Brooke Walker USA
4 Barbara Menage France
5 Ana Harias USA
6 Melissa Teich USA
7 Ivie Rhein USA
8 Christelle Zarovska Sint Maarten
9 Patricia Gosselin Canada
10 Anne-Lorraine Mohn France

Classic Physique Results

2021 Classic Men’s Physique Winners
Image: Courtesy of mrolympiallc
Place Name Country
1 Chris Bumstead Canada
2 Terrence Ruffin USA
3 Breon Ansley USA
4 Urs Kalecinski Germany
5 Ramon Rocha Querioz Brazil
6 Alex Cambronero Costa Rica
7 Mike Sommerfeld Germany
8 Fabian Mayr Austria
9 Bryan Jones USA
10 Robert Timms USA

Men’s Physique Results

2021 Olympia Men’s Physique Winners
Image: Courtesy of mrolympiallc
Place Name Country
1 Brandon Hendrickson USA
2 Erin Banks USA
3 Diogo Montenegro Brazil
4 Kyron Holden USA
5 Raymont Edmonds USA
6 Carlos DeOliveira Brazil
7 Andrei Marius Lincan Romania
8 Arya Saffaie USA
9 Andre Ferguson USA
10 Joseph Lee USA

Bikini Olympia Results

2021 Ms Olympia Bikini Winners
Image: Courtesy of mrolympiallc
Place Name Country
1 Jennifer Dorie Canada
2 Lauralie Chapados USA
3 Ashley Kaltwasser USA
4 Maureen Blanquisc Norway
5 Elisa Pecini Brazil
6 Daraja Hill USA
7 Jennifer Ronzitti USA
8 Romina Basualdo USA
9 Lauren Dannenmiller USA
10 Lucia Malavaze USA

Women’s Wellness Division Results

Mr. Olympia Wellness winners
Image: Mr. Olympia Facebook Page
Place Name Country
1 Francielle Mattos Brazil
2 Angela Borges Brazil
3 Isabelle Nunes Brazil
4 Yarishna Ayala USA
5 Julia Chitarra Brazil
6 Sunny Andrews USA
7 Isamara dos Santos Brazil
8 Bruna Seredich USA
9 Lorena Ragusa USA
10 Barbara Emanuele Cesar USA

Wheelchair Olympia Results

Place Name Country
1 Harold Kelley USA
2 Gabriele Andriulle Italy
3 Antoni Khadraoui Algeria
4 Adelfo Cerame Jr. USA
5 Tyler Brey USA
6 Chad McCrary USA
7 Bradley Betts USA
8 Johnny Quinn USA

Harold Kelley is the four-time Wheelchair Olympia champion.


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