Nate McMillan Hawks exit saga: Allegations of favoritism ruled as primary factor following team’s 8th position in East

It seems like Trae Young and Nick Ressler are the ones who are running the Atlanta Hawks team. The team is suffering badly this season, and both characters are more than responsible for the team’s setback. 

Atlanta Hawks
Mar 19, 2019; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Hawks owner Antony Ressler greets Atlanta Hawks forward John Collins (20) after a game against the Houston Rockets at State Farm Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Hawks are currently seeded in the no.8 slot in the NBA Eastern Conference. The team’s poor performance continued when they met the New York Knicks last week. Trae, in that match, could only score nineteen points. However, he did contribute more with his eleven assists. Yet the fact remains Young is a “Coach killer!”

Who is the latest coach in the Atlanta Hawks camp to face the relentless Trae Young?

After firing Lloyd Pierce, Trae Young is responsible for firing Nate McMillan as the head coach of the Atlanta Hawks. The team has shown great faith in their fifth-year star by making two significant commitments to Young, choosing him above McMillan and previous coach Lloyd Pierce.

Secondly, how well Young adjusts to their successor over the next few years will indicate whether or not this was the right decision.

Atlanta Hawks
Oct 28, 2021; Washington, District of Columbia, USA; Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young (11) speaks with head coach Nate McMillan during the second half of the game against the Washington Wizards at Capital One Arena. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Moreover, another huge reason for the Hawks to make such a call is their organization is currently being led by Nick Ressler, the twenty-seven-year-old son of the owner Tony Ressler. In the NBA’s past, nepotism has made teams like the New York Knicks suffer. 

Suppose favoritism and nepotism remain in a league like the NBA. In that case, it is quite unfortunate for the fans who spend their valuable time watching sports dictated by a child who has no clue how to entertain or satisfy a certain group of fans. 

Instead, the Atlanta Hawks team is trying to please a player like Trae Young, who undoubtedly is talented, yet he has failed to prove himself in the last couple of seasons. With no head coach, the Hawks seem lost; no worries, they got Young on their side, who will most definitely guide the team to the next stage. A stage of uncertainty!

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  1. WHAT’S the old saying?? A child shall lead the way?? I DON’T think so , in this case. A good young team with talent, needs a GOOD stern hand, not pampering. Unless they(team)learns to follow( first) , they’ll 4ever be coming up short. P.S, TRAe young needs to go n practice, practice on his 3 PT shooting.


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