Tommy Fury will fight “YouTubers and all those reality TV stars” before moving back to “traditional boxing” claims his father

Before the highly anticipated fight between Jake and Tommy on February 26 in Riyadh, John Fury, father of Tommy Fury , discussed his ideas on who his son may fight next. 

In an interview with Mirror Fighting that was published on, Fury Sr. discussed his thoughts on boxers fighting content creators and how he believes that this will continue to be a source of entertainment for the foreseeable future.

“No I don’t think so this sport it is a business. It is about putting bums on seats and eyes on TV. Tommy will fight all those YouTubers and all those reality TV stars and once he is cleaned up that board he will move on to traditional boxing.” said John. 

Jake Paul was earlier given a warning by John, who is also Tommy’s personal trainer as John said The Problem Child should be prepared to be carried out of the arena on a stretcher. The retired boxer also emphasized Paul’s impending loss and added that there is no chance for him against Tommy. 

In 2018, Tommy Fury boxed Jevgenijs Andrejevs for the first time as a professional at Manchester Arena, and over the next four years, he would go on to win seven more bouts. However, John has much bigger plans for Tommy in the future but for the moment the entire Fury family is focused on one single thing which is defeating Jake Paul in Riyadh. 

“I will even introduce him to wrestling in a minute just like Tyson did, I will get him, boxing wrestlers. This is the game we are in to give people entertainment and pleasure. I’m looking forward to Tommy knocking out Jake Paul, the fraudster. I will be drinking champagne for a lot of years. I will have a head like a champagne bottle.” John further added.

After two years of planning, Jake Paul and Tommy Fury’s long-awaited fight will take place in less than 72 hours now that both fighters have arrived in the Saudi capital and are making final preparations.


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