Jake Paul’s dad disses Tommy fury while inviting Tyson, John Fury to Christmas ahead of his son’s battle in Saudi Arabia

Gregory Allan Paul has asked Tommy Fury’s father John Fury and Tommy’s older brother Tyson Fury to attend Christmas Dinner with him just one week before his son Jake Paul fights Tommy Fury in a grudge match


Jake Paul and Tommy Fury’s long-awaited fight, which has been in the works for two years, will finally go down in less than a week. There is a bigger likelihood of the fight happening now that both Tommy Fury and Jake Paul have arrived in the Saudi capital. 

The much-anticipated fight did not remain just between the two undefeated boxers, but also included their respective fathers in the action. John Fury had already made many verbal attacks against the Paul Brothers, which stoked the fire that was already present between the two fighters.

Now, Jake’s father has joined his son in waging verbal warfare against the Fury family, notably making a mockery of his son’s opponent in the ring, Tommy. Yet, Paul Sr. did not have any ill will toward Tommy’s father, John, despite the fact that he believes John to be a punk. Paul Sr. also expressed his profound admiration for the boxing great Tyson.

“I like Tyson Fury. The dad’s kind of a punk and a bully but I like his energy. Tommy is straight up a p***y.” Gregory said.

Later on, Paul senior sent an invitation to Christmas dinner with the Paul family to John Fury and his older son. However, due to the long-standing animosity between Jake and Tommy, Paul senior did not extend the invitation to Jake.

“But here is my offer. Tyson and the Dad you are welcome to come to ours for Christmas and thanksgiving when we are together. Tommy I’m afraid you are going to have to stay at home because your wife will not want you to be here.” 

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