UFC president Dana White claims Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler fight to potentially take place in Cowboys’ Stadium

After an interval of three weeks since the announcement of Conor McGregor’s return fight against Michael Chandler, Dana White has shared a few potential fight locations for the blockbuster battle. 

This year marks McGregor’s long-awaited return to the octagon, and it was just revealed that Michael Chandler will serve as his opponent. On the other hand, in the lead up to the fight, they will be placed against one another as coaches on The Ultimate Fighter.

Due to a leg injury suffered in his last fight against Dustin Poirier in the UFC 264, since then the Irish UFC fighter hasn’t competed in almost two years. Conor’s comeback to the Octagon has been eagerly anticipated by The Notorious fans.

Conor McGregor’s return battle, according to UFC President Dana White, will be a big spectacle that will captivate millions of MMA fans across the world. Because of this, Dana has been making preparations to stage the fight in a spectacular manner, in a large stadium where there will be a very large crowd.  

In an interview with Fanatics View, Dana revealed some information about potential fight locations and much more. Dana said people are asking him about the fight’s location already but UFC is working on it. 

“To go to Dallas Texas Stadium, you have to have the right fight. Conor and Chandler are doing The Ultimate Fighter this year and they’re coaching it, and it’s the first time it’s on ESPN the network; it was on ESPN+, [so this] will make the fight even bigger than it would already be.” Dana White said. 

McGregor, in his second time as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter, will face Michael Chandler. The two-time featherweight and lightweight world champion has not been a coach on The Ultimate Fighter since its 22nd season in 2015. On Thursday of last week, the former champion of two different divisions landed in Las Vegas, Nevada, to start preparing for the filming of the 31st season of The Ultimate Fighter.

In addition to the possibility that the fight will take place in Dallas Texas Stadium, Dana White mentions Madison Square Garden as a potential venue for the event as well. Other potential venues include T-Mobile Arena and London. 

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