Naz Reid provides moral boost to undrafted rookies by signing $42M deal with Timberwolves

Undrafted rookies in the NBA frequently have a difficult road to proving their worth and earning a position on a team’s roster. However, Naz Reid and his recent $42 million contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves provides a much-needed morale lift for these young players. Reid’s journey from undrafted free agent to lucrative deal proves that hard effort, determination, and talent can lead to success in the NBA.

Naz’s accomplishment serves as an example to future undrafted rookies, demonstrating that their ambitions of making a huge impact in the NBA are attainable. The Timberwolves’ commitment in Reid sends a strong message to undrafted athletes, pushing them to never give up on their NBA dreams.

Timberwolves center re-signs with Minnesota franchise

The Minnesota Timberwolves have successfully retained centre Naz Reid by agreeing to a lucrative three-year deal extension worth $42 million. This arrangement not only assures Reid’s future with the Timberwolves, but it also gives undrafted rookies throughout the league a much-needed morale boost. Big Jelly, who came in as an undrafted one-and-done player, has grown into an important element of the team’s frontcourt.

Despite missing the final two months of the regular season and the playoffs due to a wrist fracture, Big Jelly’s effect was felt all year. The Timberwolves missed his presence during their first-round playoff elimination against the Denver Nuggets, highlighting his significance to the squad.

The Timberwolves reduce their chances of losing Reid in free agency by retaining his services. The 24 years old agent’s, Sean Kennedy and Jeff Schwartz, and Timberwolves president Tim Connelly reached a deal. Reid’s rise as a valuable bench player behind established talents Karl-Anthony Towns and Rudy Gobert drew interest from teams all over the league. 

Big Jelly sustained development and contributions will be critical for the Timberwolves as they attempt to establish a competitive squad and make inroads into the Western Conference.

Reid went undrafted in 2019

Naz Reid was disappointed and apprehensive after his name was not called during the 2019 NBA Draft. Reid had wanted to hear his name called on Monday night after an outstanding high school career and a hopeful one-and-done season at LSU. However, his hopes of being drafted were dashed. Instead of letting the loss define him, Reid used it to prove his worth in the NBA.

Reid joined the Timberwolves’ G League squad after the draught, determined to show off his skills and attract the attention of NBA scouts. The 23 years old’s dedication and perseverance were rewarded when he was promoted to the main roster.

Reid reflected on the feelings he felt on the night and how he has evolved in his third season in the league in an interview. He admits to being hurt at first, but remained focused on proving himself. Big Jelly’s strong work ethic and persistent trust in his abilities have moved him forward, and he is now more confident than ever.

The 206 cm tall center forward’s journey from undrafted to vital member of an NBA team serves as an inspiration to undrafted players throughout the league. It demonstrates his tenacity, commitment, and unwavering pursuit of his objectives. Reid’s story demonstrates that success can be attained with hard effort, devotion, and a never-say-die mentality, regardless of where one begins their basketball career.


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