Roger Federer’s ex-coach provides Novak Djokovic with magic number to end “subjective” GOAT debate despite winning record Grand Slams

The definitive greatest of all time tennis player is a debate that is quite possibly never-ending. In the Open era, the Big 3 trio including Roger Federer have made tremendously startling records in the world of tennis. Roger Federer’s former coach, Croatian Ivan Ljubicic comes to review what it is to be GOAT and puts forth his forecast. 

Croatian former professional tennis player has went up against all of the Big three tennis legends and was even coaching the FedEx during his prime after the age of 35. Therefore, one can say that his take on who is the GOAT of Tennis is quite credible. He also breaks down the icon rivalry between the Swiss Maestro and the Serbinator and his response is shocking to all Roger fans.   

Ivan Ljubicic claims Djokovic needs at least 5 Grand Slams to end the debate

Ivan explained how deciding the definitive GOAT of any sport might not be possible because of how subjective it is. He went on to throw a subtle comparison between how Michael Jordon and Roger Federer. While Jordan might not have all the stats and records in the word of basketball, fans almost unanimously consider him to be the greatest of all time. So, did not keep back his admiration for his ex-mentee and indirectly saying that his ex-pupil has all the fans on his side.

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Furthermore, he addresses how each of the Big three have their own truckloads of records throughout history. The tennis fans are struggling so hard to come to a consensus because all three of these players have had a huge impact on the world of tennis. 

The response that shocks all tennis fans however, was his statement on Novak Djokovic. 

“I feel that Novak is the most successful already, if Novak ends up having five to ten more (Grand Slams) than the others, we won’t have conversations like this anymore”

He clearly states that he thinks Nole is the most successful objectively amongst the Big three. The stats also show how Djokovic has earned these statements from the former world number 3. 

Wimbledon has been Roger’s territory but since the 5 hour long final in Wimbledon 2019, he wasn’t able to give a comeback. Winning Wimbledon 2023 will tied the Serb and the Swiss for the most number of Wimbledon titles for men’s singles. This would also add another Slam title closer to being the definitive GOAT of tennis for Djokovic.

How many Grand Slams Roger Federer has won?

Roger Federer was the first male tennis player to win more than 14 Grand Slams, beating Pete Sampras‘ record from 2002. He went on to win 20 Grand Slam edging out the other 2 of the trio- Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. 

The Swiss Maestro is referred to as the King of Grass due to effortless and exquisite style of play on the grass surface. Today, he holds the record of winning the most number of Wimbledon titles and is one of the top tennis players who have won all four grand slam titles.

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No matter the stats, nothing can stop the Roger Federer fans who won’t stop deeming him to be the greatest tennis player of all time. 

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