“Yuck this!”: UFC champ Israel Adesanya reacts to rival Alex Pereira’s Walmart incident

Recently, Alex Pereira had a disturbing interaction with a Walmart employee who seemed to be following him throughout the time while he was shopping.

Israel Adesanya, who has a protracted rivalry with the Brazilian, seized the chance to make a funky comment on the situation. Not just the reigning middleweight champ, rather many MMA fighters expressed their opinion regarding the uncomfortable incident. 

Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira’s rivalry

There have been a long-standing history between Alex and Israel in combat sports. Poatan has defeated Adesanya numerous times. The Brazilian fighter and the Nigerian fighter initially faced off against each other in a kickboxing match in 2016, which marked the beginning of their epic rivalry. 

Izzy fell to Poatan in that fight, but they eventually squared off in another kickboxing match a year later. That time too, Adesanya was unable to earn a victory and fell to Poatan once again.

Additionally, Pereira defeated The Last Stylebender in their first mixed martial arts encounter at UFC 281, giving Adesanya a total of three straight losses against the former middleweight champion. 

The fourth effort to beat his arch-enemy at Miami-Dade Arena was finally successful for the Nigerian. Despite Adesanya’s victory, the Brazilian fighter still holds on to the conviction that his prior victories over Adesanya in kickboxing demonstrate his superiority.

What happened with Alex Pereira at Walmart?

Apparently, the former middleweight champion was shopping in an outlet of Walmart. However an employee was following him mysteriously without any particular reason. As Alex found it to be awkward, he recorded the activities on his camera and posted on social media. 

“I’m here at Walmart and some guys are following me around, man. Get away from me, man. Watch this. I’m going to make a turn here. See?” Pereira said in the video. 

The Last Stylebender, shared the video on his Twitter account captioning,” Lol, I wish the guy tried Alex. They follow me in shops for different reasons now. Still, yuck this!” 

What is your take on the whole Walmart incident that Alex Pereira had to face? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 



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