Who is Caroline Donzella, girlfriend of World No.6 Holger Rune linked to his recent poor form?

Holger Rune, the Danish player ranked sixth in the world, began the 2023 season strongly. However, his performance took a nosedive after a shocking defeat at Wimbledon, where he was defeated by the eventual champion, Carlos Alcaraz.

Rune’s recent relationship with an Italian-Dutch model, to whom he publicly expressed his love earlier in the year on social media, has coincided with the brunt of the criticism surrounding his poor form.

Who is Caroline Donzella?

Holger Rune is indeed a young and talented tennis player, and he has gained recognition at a relatively young age. As with many individuals in the public eye, especially those involved in sports and entertainment, he may experience intense media scrutiny. In such situations, personal lives often become subject to the prying eyes of the media.

Holger Rune’s girlfriend, Caroline Donzella, is described as an Italian-Dutch student and model. She was previously engaged to soccer player Andrea Petagna. Rune made their relationship public on Instagram earlier in the year, sharing pictures and videos of the couple together, including one where they are seen walking hand-in-hand. Sharing moments like these on social media is a common way for public figures to connect with their fans and followers.

Donzella currently resides in Monaco, where she is studying at the International University of Monaco. She is pursuing a real estate-related degree and also works part-time as a model. Her Instagram page showcases her portfolio work, with the model posing in a series of poses for various brands.

Holger Rune denies the impact of his girlfriend on tennis

Ever since Holger Rune peaked in the season at Wimbledon, he has gone on to win only one match ever since. He recently crashed out in the first round of the US Open to unseeded Spaniard Roberto Carballés Baena. After performing poorly in China, the Dane crashed out of the Stockholm Open.

Much of the criticism of his poor run is being attributed to his relationship with Donzella, with many stating that it is distracting Rune from focusing on his performances. Holger Rune, meanwhile, is adamant that that is not the case and has ferociously defended his girlfriend.

“The results are nobody’s fault. It’s my fault. It has absolutely nothing to do with her,” Rune said.

His statement was in response to various media circles displaying a cause-and-effect scenario on his relationship and form and to former Danish player Miochael Mortensen’s analysis of the situation.

“It’s very important. It’s his first love, and it means a lot, a lot. That makes it difficult to concentrate solely on playing tennis,” Michael had said.

What are your opinions on Rune’s poor form? Is it due to his relationship with Caroline Donzella or are there other reasons? Let us know in the comments section below.


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