Fans expose Goldberg hypocrisy following comments on modern wrestling: “from a guy who won 200 matches straight”

Goldberg is one of the most popular superstars and an inspiration to the kids who grew up watching him wrestle. He also has a streak of going more than 200 matches unbeaten, which is one of the most recognizable streaks in professional wrestling history.

Goldberg’s recent honest comments put light on his point of view, showing how a wrestling legend feels about the past while highlighting what he sees as a major problem in the present. As always, his honest commentary gives fans a critical look into the mind of one of wrestling’s most famous figures. So, let’s take a deep dive into the controversy.

Goldberg provides modern wrestling assessment

Goldberg is known for his iconic tenure in WCW and WWE. While his first run in WWE wasn’t as successful, his second run over the past 5 years included great moments and even a WrestleMania rematch against Brock Lesnar. However, he has been involved in controversial moments in his career, such as ending Bret Hart’s career with a botched Super Kick. Recently, he made some questionable comments in the context of modern wrestling and criticized it. These comments weren’t well-received by fans, especially considering his status as a WWE Hall of Famer, as he expressed negative views about gimmicks and internal storylines within the industry.

Goldberg WWE Superstar
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On the Chicago Sports Podcast, he was said, “The internal storylines, I don’t think, are better. The characters, I surely know aren’t better. The guys that are doing their thing right now and leading the charge, they’re doing a damn good job, they’re just not deep. That’s all. They just aren’t deep. It’s hard to have a couple of different people carrying the flag and be able to hand it off to a proper person and keep…I’m trying to keep this as vanilla as possible. It’s tough to have the depth. I think they’re lacking in that area. That’s all. Period, end of story. I don’t like getting into it, I don’t like people talking sh*t.”

Fans clap back at former WWE champ

Fans were outraged following the comments made by Goldberg calling out his hypocrisy as he didn’t really have a great connection with the fans in WWE during both runs. Despite being a huge role model for future Hall of Famers like Randy Orton, he didn’t really have a well-rounded character and depth and the fans were quick to point out that the only thing which kept him relevant was the undefeated streak.

He’s also made controversial comments before and also stopped feeling sorry for ending Bret’s career which has landed him in trouble. His last appearance for WWE was at Elimination Chamber against Roman Reigns in 2022 and it’s unlikely we’ll ever get to see Bill Goldberg in the squared circle ever again.

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