NBA Commissioner Adam Silver addresses impact on ‘load management’ after introduction of 65-game minimum rule

Adam Silver has just eclipsed the 10-year mark as the NBA commissioner. But his history with the NBA dates back to 1992. Since his involvement with the league, there has been a massive shift in the NBA paradigm. From Michael Jordan to Kobe Bryant, from LeBron James to Luka Doncic, Silver has seen it all firsthand from the front office.

Recently, the old guard of the league announced the introduction of 65 Game rule this season and it had its fair share of feedback since then.

Adam Silver talks on effect of 65-game minimum rule

The implementation of the 65-game rule has had a huge effect in the NBA world. According to the rule, the players have to play a minimum of 65 games (80% of the total games, and 20 minutes per game) to qualify for the individual awards after the regular season is over.

It has been observed in the past that fit and healthy players are rested so that they don’t have to take the load of playing too many matches. To avoid that scenario, this new rule has been put into action this season.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver recently commented on the positive impact of the rule change, noting increased player participation among the ones who made it to the All-Star selection compared to the previous season. The 61-year-old said, “Just take the pool of All-Star players. And if you looked at the number of games to date that they have played last season, essentially to the All-Star, and compare it to this season, it’s up significantly.” He concluded that the rule has a positive impact on the sport overall.

However, it had some negative impact as well for some players like Joel Embiid. The last year’s MVP had the highest chance of winning the MVP this year too, but due to this rule, the injured Embiid is disqualified.

Adam Silver lavishes praise on Joe Dumars

NBA Commissioner Silver has made it clear that the number of games will not be reduced. The exercise of benching fit players in the name of load management has upset the NBA community and this rule could attract more fans.

Silver was all praises about the Hall of Famer and the current Head of Basketball Operations, Joe Dumars. In the interview with former NFL star Pat McAfee he said, “He has so much credibility as a player, and as a GM where he won a championship and I love when I hear Joe say, ‘We are an 82-game league’.”

Silver reiterated the need of maximum availability for the star players and has mapped out the rule as the only way forward for the NBA no matter the noises.

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