Toto Wolff unveils first look of Mercedes W15 with Lewis Hamilton and George Russell

Following the Aston Martin AMR24’s launch, on 14th February, the Silver Arrows became the latest team to unveil their 2024 F1 Challenger, the Mercedes W15. The Mercedes W15’s launching event at Silverstone was aired live by the team.

At the ‘live’ launching event, Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff, accompanied by George Russell and the ‘future Ferrari man’ Lewis Hamilton, shared his personal insights about the W15.

Mercedes exhibit new W15

On Wednesday morning, the German giants unveiled their new Mercedes W15—successor to the ‘poor’ W14—during a live stream from Silverstone.

The Mercedes W15 showcases the team’s signature ‘black and green’ color mix. Its unusual livery displays the traditional Mercedes logo on the nose, while other parts are mostly ‘blacked-out’.

On the technical side, the new W15 features many ‘visual stand-out’ differences, including a totally reconfigured sidepod shape and a new pushrod for the rear suspension. Its monocoque chassis is completely new with the cockpit being repositioned a bit further back.

The W15’s design also includes a new gear box, ‘adjusted’ front wing mounting, and few rear wing changes.

Toto Wolff talks on Mercedes W15 design

During the live event, Mercedes Team Principal and CEO Toto Wolff expressed his excitement about the new Mercedes W15, stating it as “complete relaunch of a car”.

Talking about the W15’s exterior styling, he said, “When you look at the livery this year, we have gone a step back to the silver, the Petronas green, the black car, which is something we had for many years, and is going to stay with us. And then lots of red as a nice touch.”

Mercedes had a ‘disappointing’ 2023 season with the W14. But Toto Wolff looks quite optimistic with the new W15. “It is very different, not only on the aerodynamic surfaces but mainly underneath. There are so many mechanical changes that we have done, which we hope are going to translate into more performance, more predictability, a car that the drivers can really push,” he told.

Watch the new Mercedes W15’s first sprint below.

Mercedes will be challenging the other F1 teams with the W15, starting from the Bahrain Grand Prix on 2nd March.

Can Mercedes take a shot at the world title with the W15? Or will it have a disappointing run like its predecessors? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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