Aston Martin release fresh look of AMR24 ahead of next F1 season

Aston Martin became the 6th team after the VCARB 01’s launch to unveil their 2024 F1 challenger, kickstarting the 2nd batch of 2024 F1 car launches. The Silverstone-based team showcased their all-new F1 car at a special event at their factory.

In what turned out to be a ‘trilogy’ of reveals, the new car was launched alongside the new Vantage road car and Vantage GT3. But the show was stolen by the AMR23’s successor, the Aston Martin AMR24, which the team will use to close the gap with its F1 competitors.

Aston Martin’s new AMR24

On February 12th, 2024, Aston Martin revealed the AMR24—the first Aston Martin Formula One car to be built at the new AMR Technology Campus in Silverstone—at a special launching event at their Silverstone factory.

Aston Martin officially announced the AMR24 in a ‘specially edited’ video on social media. The video shows off the AMR24 in its iconic green livery, decorated with Aramco logos. The team states it as the ‘ strong and exciting evolution from its predecessor’. It carries over the same design philosophy as the AMR23, with the majority of parts being new for 2024.

As per the team, the AMR24 is significantly ‘refined and improved’ from its predecessor. It features a new chassis design as well as a new nose, front wing, and front and rear suspensions.

Aston Martin AMR24: Technical Specifications

ChassisCarbon fiber composite monocoque with Zylon legality side anti-intrusion panels
SuspensionAluminum uprights with carbon fiber composite wishbones, track rod and pushrod. Inboard chassis mounted torsion springs, dampers and anti-roll bar assembly.
WheelsBBS Front: 18” x 13.2”, Rear: 18” x 16.9”
ClutchAP Racing
TyresPirelli P Zero
Brake SystemBrembo brake calipers and in-house designed brake-by-wire system with carbon fiber discs and pads
ElectronicsFIA single ECU with in-house designed electrical harness
Overall Width 2000mm
Wheelbase3600mm max
Overall Weight Overall vehicle weight 798kg (including driver, excluding fuel). Weight distribution between 44.5% and 46.0%.
Engine PU SpecMercedes-AMG F1 M15 E Performance. 1.6l V6 Turbo charged & energy recovery system.
TransmissionMercedes F1 eight-speed, semi-automatic

The Aston Martin AMR24 is to be driven by Fernando Alonso and the team owner’s son, Lance Stroll. It will enter the F1 tracks on March 2nd at the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix.

Fans react to AMR24

Following the AMR24’s launch video on X, the car soon became the subject of many fans’ trolls. Fans flocked to the comments section to express their thoughts as soon as Aston Martin uploaded the video.

via Aston Martin F1

Pointing towards the confusing video, one fan commented on the following video with the caption, “Fans right now who have no idea what is going on”.

The same user- making fun of the launch of yet another carbon dominated car- commented the following:

Seeing the AMR23 and 24’s ‘visual’ similarities, another person commented the following with the caption “It’s the same”:

Amidst all these trolls, Aston Martin looks confident about the AMR24 and will be hoping to put up a good fight as Formula 1’s ‘underdogs’.

Can Aston Martin win more podiums this season with the AMR24? Or will they fail and be trolled by the fans again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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