F1 News: Aston Martin confident to dethrone Red Bull, Fernando Alonso’s team drops bold prediction: “We can close the gap”

The time has come for El Plan to be executed, as Aston Martin F1 team believes the fight to catch Red Bull is not that far away. After the Canadian GP, their front-runner driver, Fernando Alonso, finished P2 while Lance Stroll finished P9

AMR 23 has received upgrades, and it showed during the last couple of races. It is with this car Alonso commented, “This would be the last” podium-less race. That was a comment made after a horrible Spanish GP for the Spaniard. 

What changes does Aston Martin plan to make?

The changes have already been made in F1 driver Nando’s car, as the only thing lacking now when put against Max Verstappen and his RB13 is the aspect of Straight Line Speed. However, the upgrade to improve the handling in slow and fast corners has worked wonders for the team. 

Aston Martin’s massive jump in performance in the 23 seasons has been followed up by regular upgrades that seem to be doing their job as they are nailing the slow and fast corners, helping the racing drivers, as well as the team, maintain their place at the front of the grid in their hot pursuit of Red Bull.

Can Aston Martin reach Red Bull’s level?

Red Bull seems unstoppable right now, and if any driver could catch them, it’s Fernando, as Mercedes Hamilton is far behind Nando in the Point table. El Plan needs to be implemented now, and the fans feel the Spaniard will make his last years in the motorsport really count. 

“Closer than ever to Red Bull? Yes. It’s the most competitive race we’ve ever played, and hopefully, we can close the gap a bit.” said the Aston Martin F1 team after the Canadian GP. 

“The wind tunnel data and simulations are so good that there are people within the team who are already convinced that the AMR 23 will be at Red Bull’s level when they optimize the Canadian update between the Austrian GP and the UK GP.” Commented a race expert after noticing the ARM 23’s improvement. 

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With 14 races left to go, Aston Martin has more than great odds to catch up to Red Bull and clinch the title away from Max Verstappen who is currently the favorite to get his hands on the championship. We expect to witness a rivalry like that we saw in the 2021 season between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

Will we get to see the same from Aston Martin? Stay tuned to find out. 


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