Free agent Melvin Gordon discusses on ‘worst’ NFL position amid uncertain future: “It literally sucks”

Most NFL teams feature the pass over the run, making money flowing to quarterbacks, wide receivers, as well as good blockers in pass protection and this is leading to a diminishing importance of running backs over the period. This shift made veteran RBs like Dalvin Cook, Ezekiel Elliott, and Leonard Fournett look for a team despite having a good track record of success.

Two-time Pro Bowler Melvin Gordon is one of those affected by the current circumstances. With an uncertain future ahead of him, Gordon recently opened up about the challenges and frustrations of being in what he described as the ‘worst’ position in national football while expressing his candid thoughts about the difficulties he has faced.

Melvin Gordon’s take on the worst NFL position

During an interview with Jim Rome on CBS Sports Radio, Gordon shed light on his recent struggles while saying the worst position to play in the NFL is definitely running back,

“It’s just so tough for running backs right now, man. You have a lot of running backs that’s out there and we just don’t get no love. It’s literally the worst position to play in the NFL right now. It literally sucks.”

Despite earning the recent Super Bowl ring in 2022 with Patrick Mahomes‘ as a member of the Chiefs’ practice squad, the RB will not be seen in Kansas City in 2023 and he is eyeing to get enrolled in a new team reforming his past mistakes,

“I’m just staying ready, because I know what I can do. I know once I get in camp or any camp, I can turn some heads. I know what I need to do. I know my mistakes that I’ve made, and you have to be able to correct them, but I’m ready to go. I’m just staying ready.”

Melvin Gordon

The NFL teams are now preferring young cheap RBs over expensive veteran RBs as they believe they can get almost the same amount of output from the youngsters and we can see the trend from the past as the franchise tag number for the running back position was $8.08 million in 2013, however, it increased only 25%, to sum up just $10.09 million while quarterback’s tag went from $14.64 million in 2013 to $32.42 million, a 121% increase!

Gordon turned 30 this year and according to the team’s age requirement for the position, he is likely going to be less preferred, although the veteran star thinks he still has the caliber to prove his worth on the field,

“I still want to play, I have some tread left on the tires. It’s just about the right situation.”

Which team is Melvin Gordon rumored to join?

The 2015 first-round draft pick made two Pro Bowls with the Los Angeles Chargers before signing a free-agent contract with the Denver Broncos, however, he was released by the team midseason following a poor record of five fumbles on just 115 total touches.

Melvin Gordon

Melvin signed with Kansas City’s practice squad, though he won’t be seen on the team in the upcoming season. As of now, no team has shown interest in signing the eight-year NFL veteran despite ranking fourth in Chargers history in yards (4,240) and touchdowns (36). Besides this, the former Wisconsin Badgers player would have to face tough competition with veteran RBs like Dalvin and Elliott.

As Gordon continues to navigate the uncertain waters of free agency, it remains to be seen where the running back will end up, nevertheless, his honest assessment of the position serves as a reminder of the obstacles endured by athletes in pursuit of their dreams in the league.


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