Patrick Mahomes swerves NFL on beer promotion policy with epic Coors Light Bear commercial

Patrick Mahomes and Coors Light came up with a unique concept to promote alcohol in front of the very eyes of the NFL which can’t stand its players moving here and there holding a beer can. Well, authorities of the league put a halt to their player’s participation in promoting alcohol products directly.

But in recent times, they were able to introduce some flexibility and this is the chance that both the Chiefs QB and the company took to advertise beer. Their idea in this promotion is way beyond the ordinary level of creativity.

NFL’s restriction on alcoholic product promotions

NFL is surprisingly making changes in its rules- regulations almost every year with the view to creating a better and safe environment for the players while associating ethical teachings with the community.

Previously footballers were banned from taking part in any kind of promotional activities for alcohol products. But a couple of years later, this policy was relaxed which now allows the players and companies to use the image of athletes for ads and commercials.

However, there are still some limitations such as the relaxation is meant for only the active players which means former team members cannot be brought under the new rule.

Mahomes hangs out with Bear in genius marketing ploy

Truly genius, the way the Super Bowl winner found a way to slip through the loophole of the NFL and take part in alcohol promotions. A recent Coor Light commercial video literally won everybody’s attention after getting aired a few days ago.

Patrick Mahomes was seen enjoying the company of a bear which symbolizes Light Bear. The footballer ate popcorn and watched TV sitting beside the animal. He also went to parties and beaches with the bear.

The palpable meaning of the ad was that the Coor beers are a perfect fit for any occasion anywhere, anytime. The most enchanting yet hilarious moments of the TVC was when both the MVP and the bear sits side by side on the shore of a beach.

Pat covers the animal’s head with a paper bag only to shed light on the rule that, it is prohibited to drink beer on the beach openly. Mahomes fans loved to see their favorite QB inside such a creative marketing ploy. However, this isn’t the first time when the Kansas star dared to go beyond the NFL’s strict policy in terms of alcohol promotion.

Last year, he was spotted in another commercial for Coor Light Beer. But in terms of uniqueness, the recent one surpassed Mahomes’ every other ad appearance.

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