What happened between Patrick Mahomes and Ja’marr Chase? explaining subtle taunting between two great NFL players

A cold war is silently creating havoc among the rivals, Cincinnati Bengals, and the reigning NFL champion Kansas City Chiefs. While Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes is progressing swiftly towards his goal of NFL supremacy, the wide receiver of Bengals, Ja’Marr Chase is openly trolling him as if he doesn’t know who Pat is.

While many thought that Chiefs QB with his cool demeanor will digest the bitterness of the subtle insult, he decided to answer back. And guess what? His revenge reply was utterly an “Epic” one.

Bengals’ WR Ja’marr Chase starts taunting Patrick Mahomes

Weeks ago, Bengals QB and WR Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase were asked who is the best QB of the current time in the league. While the QB immediately named Pat, his teammate had something else to say.

Hearing his QB taking the name of Patrick Mahomes, Chase reacted with “Pat Who?” Since the comment of the NFL player came out, it became the talk of the town with people making continuous speculations.

When looking at the intense rivalry of the team, it becomes quite apparent why Chase reacted in that manner. Both of these teams locked horns on the AFC Champions simultaneously over the past couple of years with both winning one title each in the last two years.

Both the Bengals and Chiefs are each other’s tough competitors and fighting to hold onto their individual legacies.

Patrick Mahomes fires back at Ja’marr Chase’s comment

While rocking his dashing look at the Super Bowl ring ceremony, Patrick didn’t forget to give a response to the sour taunts of the Bengals WR. A picture speaks a thousand words and that’s the theme, the aspirant future Goat utilized to take revenge.

Along with a photo of him wearing two rings on his hand, the footballer wrote this in his caption, “That’s Who?”. It makes sense quite well who he meant. Hearing their baby-faced QB’s witty yet harsh words days after the taunts from Ja’Marr Chase, Chiefs fans are finally going to have a peaceful sleep in the night.

Once again, Pat proved that he knows how to bounce it back be it an on-field war or off the field.

This MVP has changed the dynamism of the Chiefs upon entering the team as a QB. And within a short career span, both he and his team stand in the position of a dominating figure in the league.

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