Ja’Marr Chase dismisses teammate Joe Burrow’s take on Patrick Mahomes, Bengals WR tolls Chiefs QB: ‘‘Pat Who?’’

When both Cincinnati Bengals stars Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase were asked about their opinion on the best footballer in the league right now, Burrow nodded his head to Mahomes while the receiver didn’t like the idea and dismissed his QB’s comment.

NFL fans have experienced a sharp rise in rivalries between the two prominent NFL teams, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs. In the last two years, both of these teams locked horns with each other in the AFC Championship game with the Chiefs winning the 2023 Super Bowl.

Yet the score between these two teams in the AFC Championship games led by their quarterback Mahomes and Burrow remains even with both winning one apiece in the last couple of years. With such intense rivalry between the two teams, it is clear why Chase did not agree with Burrow regarding Mahomoes being the best footballer. However, there is more to it!

Ja’Marr Chase and Joe Burrow’s partnership

As it turns out Ja’Marr and Joe have a serious partnership between them and it is not just limited inside the NFL football fields, but rather outside of it as well. They are former LSU players and each other’s best buddies from college.

So, while Burrow showed the mutual respect he holds for the MVP, taking his name as the current “best footballer in the league” his teammate Ja’Marr couldn’t agree with his QB and his reaction to the same question was, “Pat Who?”


Although, it may be a little bit disrespecting for the Kansas Star, the Bengals receiver didn’t mean to harm Mahomes’ reputation. He reacted in that way only to his affection and respect for his QB, Burrow.

Being best friends, this kind of reaction from the receiver was quite obvious, as Chase and Burrow have a personal equation outside the NFL era.

Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes season comparison

Ja'Marr Chase

Let’s have a look at some of the vital aspects of both of their 2022 season comparison-

2022 Season Joe Burrow Patrick Mahomes
Games Played 16 17
Completion % 68.3% 67.1%
Passing Yards 4,475 5,250
Passing Touchdowns 35 41
Touchdown Percentage 5.8% 6.3%
Interceptions 12 12
Quarterback Rating 100.8 105.2
Times Sacked 41 26
Yards Lost by Sack 259 188

From the comparison, it is palpable that both are somewhat in similar ranks with Mahomes a bit ahead with the number of games, acquiring passing yards, passing touchdowns and touchdown percentage, and quarterback rating. However, Burrow went over the edge in completion percentage.

Moreover, as both of the team has pretty good track records, there is going to be tough competition between them in the coming season.

In comparison between Mahomes and Burrow, who is the most proficient QB? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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