Magic Johnson once engaged in hilarious trash-talk with Michael Jordan

The NBA will never forget the extraordinary abilities and athleticism of Michael Jordan, who is sometimes referred to as the greatest of all time (GOAT). He produced a great deal of mind-blowing plays during his career, thrilling audiences around. A memorable Dream Team practice game in 1992, played in preparation for the Olympics in Monaco, included several such unforgettable moments.

The Dream Team was a legendary group of NBA superstars that included basketball greats like Magic Johnson, Scottie Pippen, Clyde Drexler, and other legends. This was the first Olympics in which NBA players were permitted to compete, under the famous Chuck Daly’s coaching. Jordan’s talent shone out among the best players on the Dream Team, enhancing his reputation as a basketball legend.

Magic Johnson was left speechless by Michael Jordan’s amazing dunk

Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson got into a violent fight during a practice game when the teams were split into East and West. Magic made an unusual move by criticizing Jordan after his team gained a sizable lead. He told Jordan that if they didn’t elevate their game, they were going to blow them out.

Jordan’s competitive fire was stoked by the trash-talking, according to Magic’s admission on Jimmy Kimmel Live! show. He made a determined exit from the group, sticking out his tongue and sporting a menacing expression. He immediately made a three-pointer and met Magic’s eyes. He drained three more during the subsequent possession.

However, the most astonishing moment came next. Magic described it as follows: “So the greatest shot, I’ve been involved in all three of them… So this is the greatest shot I’ve seen. He came down the right side and took off, David Robinson took off and he said, ‘I’m gonna sit here in the air. Cause I know David Robinson is gonna go down.’ So David Robinson went to the ground, he 360ed, tongue moving, and dunked it. In a practice game. And I was like, oh my goodness.”

Magic and the other renowned players were in awe of this magnificent feat. Jordan is the only one like her, and there never will be, according to Magic. He learned an important lesson from the encounter: never to insult Jordan again.

Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson’s wonderful friendship in the Dream Team

Michael Jordan and the Dream Team tapes - Sports Illustrated

Around the beginning of Jordan’s career, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan, two of the most recognizable and legendary players in NBA history, weren’t even close friends. Their friendship brewed when they joined the storied Dream Team in 1992, their relationship underwent a huge change.

Speaking about his friendship with MJ, Magic Johnson disclosed that he initially harbored more resentment towards Larry Bird than he did towards Jordan.

Johnson considered “His Airness” as one of his friends and expressed his deep affection for him, saying, “I didn’t get a chance to hate Michael because we played one time… I love MJ and what he stands for, for what he’s built, not only on the court, but off the court. His business, so it’s great.”

Remembering their past rivalries, Johnson attributed the intensity of his dislike towards Jordan’s Bulls due to the fierce matchups between the Lakers and Celtics. He explained, “Michael, I think the dislike might have come more from the Bulls and Celtics… I didn’t have the chance to hate Michael, but we’re good friends.”

When Michael Jordan and Johnson faced each other in the 1991 NBA Finals, that became a turning point in their relationship. The Bulls won, symbolizing a time when the mighty Lakers dynasty of the 1980s gave way to the burgeoning Bulls dynasty.

The Bulls guard had aired his misgivings about Magic Johnson before they were teammates on the Dream Team. But the process of preparing for the Olympics and playing together as a team allowed them to come together and build a strong bond of friendship. Since then, their friendship has persisted and extended beyond the basketball floor.

The connection that Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan had while they were members of the Dream Team is evidence of their respect and regard for one another.


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