NBA legend George Karl weighs in on Joel Embiid-Nikola Jokic MVP debate

The NBA MVP race is heating up, and the debate between Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokic is getting more interesting. Last season, the 76ers hosted the Nuggets and Bucks in March and lost both games, which some in the City of Brotherly Love point to as a reason Embiid wound up falling short of Jokic for the award.

This season, the race is even closer, with both players putting up impressive numbers. Jokic is averaging 24.7 points, 11.9 rebounds, and 9.9 assists per game, while Embiid is averaging 33.5 points, 10.2 rebounds, and 4.2 assists per game.

The debate between the two players has been raging for some time, with many fans and analysts split on who should win the award. Some argue that Jokic’s consistency and all-around game make him the clear choice, while others point to Embiid’s dominance on both ends of the court.

George Karl, the former NBA coach, who last coached in the league for the Kings in 2016, has weighed in on this debate. Karl has always been a vocal Nikola Jokic supporter and has been critical of Joel Embiid’s game. In an appearance on Sirius XM NBA Radio, Karl was asked which player he would pick for MVP this season, and instead of just giving the reasons as to why he would choose Nikola Jokic, the former Denver Nuggets coach sounded off on Embiid in a not-so-positive light.

What was George Karl’s take on the debate?

Karl claimed that Embiid isn’t MVP because of ‘lazy body language’ and takes possessions off. He also said that Embiid’s game is not as consistent as Jokic’s game. Karl explained why he would take Nuggets center Nikola Jokic over Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid for the league’s Most Valuable Player award.

“To me, Jokic is the MVP because he’s consistent every night. He’s a great passer, he’s a great scorer, he’s a great rebounder, he’s a great defender, he’s a great leader, he’s a great teammate. He’s the most consistent player in the league,” Karl said.

The debate between Embiid and Jokic is likely to continue throughout the season, with both players putting up impressive numbers. It remains to be seen who will come out on top, but one thing is for sure: the race for the NBA MVP award is heating up, and it’s going to be a close one.

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