NBA Rumors: Veteran SG Eric Gordon anticipated to join Suns after Celtics departure

According to recent NBA rumors, veteran shooting guard Eric Gordon is anticipated to join the Phoenix Suns after leaving the LA Clippers. Gordon’s probable signing would give the Suns another consistent scoring option to go along with their star backcourt of Devin Booker and Chris Paul.

As the offseason progresses, fans and experts await official confirmation of Gordon’s relocation to Phoenix and speculate on how his presence would affect the Suns’ championship hopes.

Eric Gordon’s time at Clippers

Eric Gordon or the ‘Hobbit’ as we know was acquired by the Clippers during the trade deadline in February to strengthen their playoff push alongside healthy Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Eric Gordon was acquired to add perimeter defense, secondary playmaking, and three-point shooting. To acquire his talents, LA Clippers exchanged a first-round selection, Luke Kennard, and John Wall.

Kwahi and George’s injuries ended the Clippers’ chances of making the playoffs, as the Suns eliminated them in the first round. Because of the $110 million in luxury tax payments, the Clippers decided not to activate Gordon’s 21 million USD option for the 2017 season, ending his brief stay in Los Angeles.

Gordon’s 27-game performance with the Clippers prevented owner Steve Ballmer from spending a substantial sum of money to keep him. Kobe Brown, a talented forward, was eventually selected by the Clippers as the 30th overall choice in the 2023 NBA Draft after they dropped 10 positions. The advantages gained from Gordon’s purchase, however, were overshadowed by the injuries to George and Leonard.

In retrospect, the Clippers’ acquisition of Gordon did not result in what they had hoped, as unanticipated events hampered their chances of making the playoffs. To ensure a more fruitful next season, the squad must now regroup and evaluate their personnel choices.

Is Eric Gordon to the Suns confirmed?

According to his advisors Aaron Mintz and Steven Heumann of CAA Sports, the seasoned shooting guard Eric Gordon has agreed to a two-year deal with the Phoenix Suns that includes a player option. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski first reported the story on Sunday. The deal would reportedly cost 6 million USD over two years, according to sources.

After the LA Clippers rejected to guarantee Gordon’s 21 million USD deal, the 34-year-old entered free agency. Gordon, a seasoned veteran, attracted a lot of interest as a top free agent. The Hobbit averaged 11 points and 42.3% from outside the arc in 22 games with the Clippers in the 2020–21 season after being acquired through trade from the Houston Rockets.

With the addition of Gordon, the Phoenix Suns have changed the makeup of their roster during the free-agent period. Key players like Devin Booker, Kevin Durant, Bradley Beal, and Deandre Ayton are all improved by Gordon’s acquisition. He left Phoenix in 2012 after agreeing to a four-year, roughly $60 million offer sheet with the Suns.

The Suns want to further solidify their status as contenders in the fiercely competitive NBA environment with Gordon’s postseason expertise and skill set.


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