NBA Trade Rumor: 76ers exploratory trade calls on Bogdan Bogdanovic

The Philadelphia 76ers are fueling NBA rumors with a trade for shooting guard Bogdan Bogdanovic. With the trade deadline approaching, the Sixers are carefully examining potential moves to strengthen their roster, and Bogdanovic seems like an attractive option.

As speculation swirls and teams weigh their options, the basketball world is eagerly awaiting to see whether these talks will be a game-changer for the 76ers.

76ers’ interest and Hawks’ stance: exploratory calls and asking price

The Philadelphia 76ers reportedly wanted Bogdan Bogdanovic from the Atlanta Hawks in the latest NBA trade spree. Sources are reporting that the 76ers have begun reviewing calls to evaluate a possible trade for the talented guard. However, the Atlanta Hawks, who signed a contract with Bogdanovic, refused to trade until the demands are met.

There are reports that the Hawks are asking a high price for Bogdanovic and intend to keep him as long as there is no confidence in the trade package. As negotiations between the two teams expand, the basketball world is eager to speculate whether the 76ers will be able to meet the Hawks’ demands or whether negotiations will ever be reached. This indecision leaves deep doubts about Bogdanovic’s future during the trade frenzy.

Bogdan Bogdanovic has posted impressive statistics this season, averaging 17.1 points, 3.1 rebounds, 2.7 assists, 1.3 steals, and 0.2 blocks per game, boasting an impressive field goal percentage of 90.7%. His current annual salary stands at $18.7 million.

Last offseason, Bogdanovic inked a lucrative four-year, $68 million contract extension with the Atlanta Hawks. In the upcoming season, he is set to earn $17.3 million.

Throughout his career with both the Sacramento Kings and the Hawks, Bogdanovic has maintained solid numbers, averaging 14.5 points, 3.3 rebounds, 3.2 assists, 1.0 steals, and 0.2 blocks per game. Earlier, he moved to the Atlanta Hawks as a restricted free agent in 2020.

Hawks’ intentions to retain Bogdanovic despite salary trimming efforts

Despite their efforts to reduce salary and improve their roster, the Atlanta Hawks have made it clear that retaining Bogdan Bogdanovic remains a top priority. While there are trade talks and demands from the interested teams, the Hawks remain determined in their goal of keeping a competitive point guard on their roster.

Although the Hawks acknowledge the need to make financial adjustments, they view Bogdanovic as an important part of their long-term plans. Bogdanovic is an important asset for the team’s competition and development with his scoring ability and versatility on the field.

As trade rumors persist and questions from the team continue, the Hawks’ decision to keep Bogdanovic reflects their desire to build a team strong enough to compete on an NBA roster.

The rumored trade offer between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Atlanta Hawks would have seen the 76ers acquire Bogdan Bogdanovic. In return, the Hawks would have received Robert Covington, Furkan Korkmaz, Jaden Springer, a 2026 first-round pick via OKC, HOU, or LAC, and the rights to a 2024 second-round draft pick.

However, no further advancements have been made as the Hawks want to retain their player.

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