Emirates named official Global Airline partner and referee jersey patch partner of NBA

This NBA and renowned international company Emirates collaboration is important for the integration of sports and aviation worldwide, opening up new opportunities for cooperation with many people around the world.

Leveraging Emirates’ excellence in air services and its undisputed position as the NBA’s premier basketball player, this partnership is set to revolutionize the way business plays while cultivating fans both on and off the court.

Emirates joins forces with the NBA as its official global airline partner

Emirates, an international airline, has strengthened its position in the sports industry by partnering with the NBA (National Basketball Association) as its official international partner. This strategic partnership not only demonstrates the airline’s commitment to connecting people and cultures around the world but also to promoting the best of sports and multi-ethnic fans. Through this partnership, Emirates aims to enhance the basketball experience for fans around the world while using the NBA’s unique platform to enhance its global brand.

NBA partner

Emirates and the NBA today announced a multi-year global marketing partnership, appointing Emirates as the official global partner of the NBA. The partnership also makes Emirates the first official partner of the NBA Cup, formerly known as the NBA In-Season Championship, and the NBA’s first official jersey partnership.

As part of the Emirates Airline NBA Cup, international airlines will participate in the event, with plans to promote the NBA’s international relations in the community and during the Emirates Airline NBA Cup semester. Finals and co-branding competitions on court signage have begun. Starting with the 2024 NBA All-Star Game on Sunday, February 18 at 20:00, all NBA referees will wear the Emirates logo jerseys on TNT.

Emirates NBA

Contract details of multiyear global marketing partnership

The NBA and Emirates have a multi-year global marketing partnership designed to enhance the basketball experience for fans worldwide while growing the Emirates brand. Emirates has become the leading global marketing partner and official shirt patch partner of the NBA and has exclusive rights to branding and visibility on the platform.

Thanks to mutual supporter cooperation, both sides focus on cooperation and justice. Leveraging the NBA’s global reach and Emirates’ renowned brand, the partnership is committed to delivering business support, innovation and growth. Overall, this partnership is a combination of two brands committed to delivering value and growing the business.

Emirates NBA

Key terms of the agreement include the following:

Global Partner: Emirates has been selected as the NBA’s Global Partner, providing the airline with exclusive rights to promote the NBA’s mission and assets across a variety of sectors.

Referee Jersey Patch Partner: As part of the partnership agreement, Emirates has received the right to display its logo on NBA referee jerseys during NBA matches, providing validation during play and broadcast.

Brand Integration and Revitalization: Emirates is leveraging a variety of marketing opportunities including local signage, digital platforms and social media channels, allowing the airline to connect with Basketball fans worldwide.

Fan Engagement Program: Partnering with partners to increase engagement with fans, such as promotions, contests and special events designed to encourage fan engagement and loyalty.

NBA partner
Emiartes & NBA

Global reach and visibility: Leveraging the NBA’s unparalleled global reach and visibility, Emirates will expand into key international markets, benefiting from enhanced brand awareness and relationships.

Cooperation Support: Both parties are committed to providing joint business support, using their platforms and resources to strengthen cooperation and provide good content to fans.

Innovation and Collaboration: This collaboration fosters a spirit of innovation and collaboration, encouraging the search for new business ideas, technologies and fan services to promote sport and drive business growth.


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