Will Taylor Swift make it in time to see Travis Kelce play in Super Bowl? Chiefs TE provides update

Taylor Swift attending the Super Bowl LVIII has been the major topic of discussion for the past few weeks. While there was uncertainty about her attendance at the game, the Embassy of Japan released a statement assuring fans that she would reach the Super Bowl in time.

After this confirmation, fans were happy that the pop icon would attend the Super Bowl game for the first time, but Travis Kelce’s recent comment has shattered the hopes of fans.

Travis Kelce shares concerning update

Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end and Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, expressed doubts about Swift attending the Super Bowl despite the possibility of her making it in time.

Kelce hinted in interviews that Swift might miss the game due to her busy schedule with her ongoing Eras Tour in Japan.

“The Super Bowl, we’ll worry about if she can make it,” the TE said.

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Kelce’s remarks caused a stir in social media, leading to disappointment among fans and media outlets. Swift has been attending all the playoff games for the Chiefs and is considered a lucky charm for both Travis and the team.

While the TE didn’t share the reason why it will be difficult for Taylor to attend the Super Bowl, one of the reasons could be that Swift will travel by private jet, but all parking spaces for such aircraft at nearby airports are full. The Super Bowl also coincides with a date on the LIV Golf Tour, adding to the normal influx of visitors to Las Vegas and complicating logistics further.

Arriving in Las Vegas, especially during a high-traffic event like the Super Bowl, could be challenging for Swift.

Chiefs owner discusses security surrounding Taylor Swift 

Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt acknowledged Swift’s status as a security issue wherever she goes but highlighted the experience of her security team in managing her movements, especially during the regular NFL season.

“She has a really talented security team,” Hunt said. “They liaison with our security team, and we make sure we get her into and out of the stadium safely.”

Taylor Swift
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Hunt emphasized the coordination between Taylor Swift’s security team and the stadium’s security team to ensure her safe entry and exit.

The security team for Super Bowl 58 is prepared for Taylor Swift’s potential appearance, according to officials. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas emphasized the priority of safety and security for all attendees.

“Our priorities (are) of safety and security for everyone in attendance, and that is what we are focused upon. And when there’s an additional celebrity who will bring more attention, we are already at a heightened state of vigilance,” Mayorkas said.  

Swift’s presence at the Super Bowl could enhance its attractiveness as a target for publicity, further emphasizing the need for heightened security measures.

While concerns exist about potential security threats and Taylor Swift’s presence could attract additional attention, security officials are confident in their ability to ensure the safety and security of all attendees at Super Bowl 58.

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