Super Bowl 2024: Will Taylor Swift be able to attend the Travis Kelce game after her Tokyo show?

Following the Kansas City Chiefs victory against the Baltimore Ravens, fans are speculating whether the pop icon, Taylor Swift will attend the Super Bowl game in Las Vegas or not. Because the pop icon has already attended 12 games of the Chiefs, it seems possible for her to attend the Super Bowl as well.

While fans are looking forward to watching the “Karma” singer in a Super Bowl game for the first time, the only problem is that her concert schedule aligns with the same dates as the Super Bowl game.

Can Taylor Swift attend Super Bowl LVIII?

The Kansas City Chiefs are set to play against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 2024 on Sunday, Feb. 11. This marks the first time the Super Bowl will be held at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. The big question is whether Taylor Swift can make it to this venue on time as he Eras Tour, which was on break, will resume on Feb. 7 continuing till Oct. 18.

While Swift doesn’t have any show on Feb. 11, she does have to perform on a show with less than a 24-hour gap from the Super Bowl LVIII game. Her show is in Tokyo, Japan on Feb.10.

The date of her show makes it unclear if Taylor Swift can attend the important game. But, it’s not unusual for her to fly overseas to be with and support her boyfriend. She’s been doing it for the past few months, attending the TE’s games between her own shows.

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To attend the Super Bowl game, Taylor will have to take a 12+ hour flight from Asia to North America. However, this time Taylor Swift can take advantage of the time difference to make it to the game.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport explained the logistics, suggesting the pop icon could make it to the Super Bowl in time. Her Tokyo concert will end at 1 a.m. Las Vegas time, 17 hours ahead. She will have approximately 12 hours for a flight to Vegas, potentially arriving just in time for the game.

“Let’s say it’s a five-hour concert, ends about 11 p.m. local, which is 6 a.m. Saturday in Las Vegas,” Rapoport explained. “Figure a 12-hour flight, maybe she leaves about an hour later, Taylor Swift could still get to the Super Bowl, to Vegas, about 7 or 8 p.m. Saturday night — just in time to party.”

Taylor Swift can benefit from time zones, with the international date line allowing her to save time traveling from Tokyo to Las Vegas. It will allow her to attend the coveted game and support her boyfriend.

NFL fans blame Taylor Swift for rigging Super Bowl LVIII

While Taylor Swift has received love and support from NFL fans, she faced a lot of criticism as well. Since the beginning of her relationship with Travis Kelce, she has been criticized for being a distraction for the TE and for stealing the spotlight from the football. 

This hatred and criticism have increased to an extent that now people are blaming her for rigging Super Bowl LVIII, asserting that the NFL manipulated the game to ensure that her boyfriend’s team, the Kansas City Chiefs, would win.

Many fans claimed that the league orchestrated the victory to have Swift present at the Super Bowl. The negativity extended to political accusations, with one fan expressing reluctance to watch the Super Bowl due to Swift’s perceived affiliation with Democrats.

Nick Adams claimed to be trending globally for exposing Swift as a “gold-digging jezebel” and said he won’t watch the game.

Even though some people have negative feelings, there are fans who truly love and support Taylor Swift. Swifties think that the haters, especially guys, are just jealous of the pop icon. They believe that as a woman, she has accomplished a lot, and now that her boyfriend’s team is winning, the hate towards her is simply fueled by jealousy.

The diverse opinions reflect the complexity of public sentiment surrounding Taylor Swift’s potential presence at the Super Bowl 2024. There is still uncertainty about whether she will be able to make it to the Super Bowl, but considering Taylor Swift’s consistent support for Travis Kelce, one can look forward to watching her in the coveted game.

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