Reporter wishes for heartbreaking end to Taylor Swift’s NFL season ahead of Bills vs Chiefs: “I am sorry, Swifties”

When it comes to choosing between your favorite NFL team and favorite singer, the CNN reporter Harry Enten has made his choice. Amid the upcoming Chiefs vs Bills game, Enten shared his insights about what could be the outcome of the game.

However, despite being a Swiftie, the reporter also shared a blunt message for Taylor Swift, girlfriend of Chiefs TE Travis Kelce. Taylor has been a regular in the Chiefs games this season, but Enten wishes for a heartbreaking end for her.

Reporter wishes tearful ending for Taylor Swift at Chiefs game

CNN reporter Harry Enten recently talked about the Chiefs vs Bills game with Anderson Cooper. The reporter shared that he considers himself a Swiftie but his loyalties are still with Buffalo Bills.

He believes that the Bills are favored to win this game over “Kansas City Swifts”, as he was referring to the Chiefs’ heightened link with Taylor Swift since her relationship with Travis started.

There are speculations that Taylor Swift will be in attendance for the game at Highmark Stadium to support her beau but Harry Enten has already warned her.

He said that although he admires Taylor Swift, he is hoping that she will end up heartbroken after the game because the Bills will win this game.

“I will note the Bills have already beaten the Chiefs in Kansas City when Taylor Swift showed up,” Enten said. “So while I do enjoy Taylor Swift’s music, as I know you do—we’re both Swifties at heart—I’m hoping she’s probably crying at the end of Sunday because that’ll mean my Buffalo Bills have won.”

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The reporter firmly stated that this time he is against Taylor Swift because he wants his favorite team Bills to win.

“So this is the one time I am rooting against Taylor Swift. I am sorry, Swifties. I’ve got to do it.”

Till now, there is no confirmation whether Swift will be present in the game or not. There were also rumors about strains in her relationship with Travis Kelce. However, she has still attended recent Chiefs games, including the coldest game they played against the Dolphins. So, the chances of the pop icon attending the game are pretty decent. 

NFL fans and Swifties will have to wait to see whether the pop icon will attend the game and whether Harry Enten’s prediction come true, or he’ll be in tears on Sunday. 

Chiefs vs Bills H2H record

The Kansas City Chiefs is a reigning Super Bowl team, but the Buffalo Bills are also one of the strongest teams in the NFL. The two teams have faced each other in a total of 54 games including the regular season and playoffs.

In these encounters, the Bills have a record of 29-24-1 (54.6%) against the Chiefs. In regular season games, the Bills are leading with a 27-21-1 (56.1%) record.

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In the playoffs, the two teams met 5 times with the Bills trailing 2-3. The Bills also have a two-game losing streak against the Chiefs. In total out of 54 games, the Bills have won 29 games and the Chiefs won 24 games, and one game was tied.

In the 2023 season, the two teams faced each other only once on Dec 10, 2023, in which the Bills had a 20-17 win.

The recent playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills is scheduled on Sunday, Jan. 21 at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, New York.

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