Cowboys LB Micah Parsons believes Taylor Swift attending Chiefs NFL games gives Travis Kelce “extra boost of confidence”

Taylor Swift has really set up a benchmark for everyone to have undeniable faith in her support for the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce. The two have become such an eye-catching couple, that it cannot seem to slide past anyone without them saying the “lucky charm” never failed to uplift the tight end’s performance in the gridiron.

Besides the head coach Andy Raid commenting that Taylor’s presence has a good impact on Travis Kelce, Cowboys’ linebacker Micah Parsons has now voiced the same thing about the couple.

Micah Parsons talks on Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift relationship

In one of his tweets Joe Pompliano, noted Travis Kelce’s stats from the match against Denver Broncos where he projected a spectacular performance in the win against Broncos. The tight end for Chiefs secured seven receptions for 69 yards and scored an additional touchdown.

As Pompliano drew attention to his rising Instagram followers, merchandising sales by 400% and making his jersey rank within the best 5 in NFL, Micah Parsons chimed being on the same page as him.

Considering the tight end’s success and stats this season, Dallas Cowboys linebacker, Micah Parsons seems to be a believer of this “Taylor Swift affect”. He quoted the post stating, “My brothers!! One woman can change your life!!! Start shooting!!”

Micah Parsons’ opinion definitely holds more weight as the Dallas Cowboys lost in week 3 against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Micah previously expressed his stance on Kelce’s conduct on the field saying, “Damn, you shot from deep and you scored, my brother. That’s dope. I can’t even lie. I want to see someone shoot at someone else. The NFL is up right now!”

The linebacker further went on to challenging his NFL mates saying, “I challenge all my other NFL guys, start shooting from deep. We got to start shooting, brother, and publicly shooting.”, implying to go after pop stars.

Travis Kelce’s performances in NFL this season

As Micah Parsons along with many others feel that Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce’s performance this season seems to have skyrocketed with the presence of his “good luck charm”, his stats sure back up the claim.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift
via CNN

In his last match against the Los Angeles Chargers, with 12 receptions for 179 yards and one touchdown, the Chiefs’ tight end set a record to be the first tight end ever since 2000 to receive 100 receiving yards in a row. His top-notch performance led head coach Andy Reid to say, Taylor Swift “can stay as long as she wants” if this is the impact she has on Travis.

So far, in the last 4 games with the pop star in the house, Travis Kelce scores has averaged to 108 receiving yards, but plummeted to 46.5 and an ankle injury as soon as she missed the Chiefs’ matches.

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