NBA trade rumors: Trailblazers reportedly favor Jaime Jaquez Jr in potential Damian Lillard trade over Nikola Jovic

Damian Lillard’s trade request to the Portland Trail Blazers remained unanswered even weeks after his original plea. The player was also seen publicly stating his desire to play for the Miami Heat, but negotiations between the two teams have not been initiated so far.

It seems that the Heat is the sole team showing genuine interest in acquiring Lillard through a trade. Fans and the basketball community alike continue to pay close attention in anticipation of the result of this high-value trade saga.

Trailblazers reportedly prefer Jaime Jaquez Jr over Nikola Jovic in Damian Lillard trade

It’s been a long time since Damian Lillard requested a trade from the Portland Trail Blazers, but negotiations have stalled. Although Lillard has made it apparent that he would like to be traded to the Miami Heat, the Blazers are said to have their own trade preference in mind.

In addition to not being interested in Miami’s current offers, the Blazers reportedly want Jaime Jaquez Jr. to be part of the trade instead of Nikola Jovic. The Heat picked a 6-foot-7 big who had a breakout season in the NBA Summer League when he scored 17.8 pts,8.2 rebs, and had 1.5 stls each outing.

Although Miami has made it to the NBA Finals, they still want to improve their frontcourt by adding Lillard’s length and scoring threat. The Heat’s offensive issues from the NBA Finals might be resolved with the signing of Lillard.

Lillard’s status with regards to reporting to Blazers training camp is now up in the air. The Blazers are in a rebuilding process and aren’t in NBA title contention, so trading him may help the team.

Brian Windhorst claims no team has offered the Blazers a meaningful offer for Damian Lillard

Brian Windhorst, an NBA insider, and commentator for ESPN, recently shared some discouraging information about a possible trade that would send Damian Lillard to the Miami Heat.

“As I look across the league and have conversations with executives and agents, I can’t identify another team that is seriously making an offer for Damian Lillard at this point. My belief is that the Heat can’t either,” he said.

The Miami Heat have been trying out several trade deals to try to tempt the Portland Trail Blazers, despite Lillard’s stated want to play for the Heat. It’s evident the Blazers want to get the best contract they can for Lillard. According to NBA insider Shams Charania, the Heat has been working on a trade offer that includes numerous first-round draft selections, prospective player swaps, second-round draft picks, and a young player. Since it appears that neither side has been able to come to terms on a fair contract for Lillard, his future is up in the air.


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