The Rock unveiled music that fueled his WWE Royal Rumble victory in 2000

Very few WWE Superstars have a very high reputation. Dwayne Johson, better known by his WWE alias The Rock is one of them. He has given a lot of business and attention to the WWE, and maintained a good streak in both WWE and Hollywood.

“The Great One” hails from a family of Samoan wrestlers, and stands tall as one of the best stars to ever exist in the pro wrestling world. However, it was not always like this before. He was not a global star back in his earlier days. But, he has always been a fan favorite due to his humourous actions in the ring. Let’s look back at one of those moments.

The Rock shares his go-to music artists for an adrenaline boost

An old interview video of  The Rock is now making rounds on the internet recently and has fans gossiping about it. In the interview video, The Great One shared what music he listens to in order to get his adrenaline pumping.

The Rock

The resurfaced video on YouTube was uploaded 10 years ago from now. However, the video is more than 20 years old. The video shows him giving a Television interview.

In the video, The Rock said that he’s going to listen to “some Jay-z, some DMX, some dub sees, and of course, no doubt Dr. Dre and Miss Sunday.”

The Rock mentioned that he would also listen to these songs before appearing for “the upcoming Royal Rumble” in the video. He won the Royal Rumble that year(2000).

When did Dwayne Johnson debut in WWE?

The Rock‘s WWE debut happened at the Survivor Series in 1996. It was a match that almost ended his career before he ever got started. WWE never gave him any feature leading up to his debut and just threw him to the mouth of beasts. Luckily for him, he survived that match and started his career, and went on to become The Great One.

The Rock said he called his parents and told them to watch Survivor Series 1996 because something special was going to go down. After that, he didn’t have to look back and he raised to the peak of the wrestling industry within some years.

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