What did Roman Reigns say to Jey Uso at WWE SmackDown? exploring Tribal Chief’s ultimatum ahead of “Tribal Combat” at SummerSlam

The Bloodline was an outstanding tag team that was formed by Roman Reigns along with his cousins and was managed by Paul Heyman. But due to some ‘long-time coming’ conflicts between the stars of the team, the faction has pretty much broken into scrambles. The whole fallout situation seems to have started with Sami Zayn hitting the Tribal Chief with a chair and could likely end with Jey Uso.

For now, at the upcoming SummerSlam, both Roman and Jey are set to be facing each other in the ring for “Tribal Combat”. This match will most probably be the main event at the highly touted WWE summer event.

What did Roman Reigns say to Jey Uso at WWE SmackDown?

On WWE SmackDown, Jey Uso opened the show but he didn’t get to talk much as he was interrupted by Roman Reigns aka the Tribal Chief. Roman was accompanied by Solo Sikoa and the wise man Paul Heyman. Roman started talking and tried to blame Jey for the injury caused to Jimmy.

But Jey countered by stating that the Tribal Chief was actually the one responsible for Jimmy’s condition. Jey didn’t stop at that and doubled down by stating how he has already beaten Roman Reigns once and he will do that again in the upcoming SummerSlam. The Tribal Chief on his defense said that it was he who created this version of Jey.

Roman Reigns

“Jey you must have forgotten. If the Tribal Chief is scheduled to appear, well that means the Tribal Chief opens up this show. Now don’t worry, little Jey’s forgetful all, but we’re going to remind him. Why do you think they called you the right-hand man? Because I made you that. Why did you think they called you the main event Jey Uso huh? Because I made you that,” -Roman Reigns said.

Jey countered Roman’s claim, by saying he earned that Title after watching Roman’s back for so long.

“All I did was watch your back. Do what family does. Support you man. I’ve been your right-hand man through the trenches, no questions asked. Because you’re my Tribal Chief. I believed in you, man! I believed you can lead this company, and more importantly, this family. And now I gotta do what I have to do Uce. You broke the family, you broke the bloodline, and you broke Jimmy, and it’s all your fault,”- said the Uso.

“Let me ask you this man. As soon as Jimmy got hurt, what did you do huh? You asked for a Championship huh? Because you’re selfish. Let’s go back to three years ago. The only reason you became the right-hand man was because Jimmy was hurt. If he wasn’t hurt, you didn’t have a chance. You took that from him. You don’t even get it, do you? You screwed your twin brother. Your younger brother loves and respects me more than he does you,” Reigns said.

“It’s because I already beat you,” Uso said with a smile. “I pinned you. I’m the only one to do it. And at SummerSlam, I’m going to beat you again.”- said Jey. Reigns was irritated by the statement of Jey.


Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa destroy Jey Uso at WWE SmackDown

After Jey exited the ring by giving the Universal Champion a mouthful. Grayson Waller met Jey Uso backstage. Grayson said after the Tribal Chief beats Jey Uso at SummerSlam, Jey should appear on The Grayson Waller Effect and receive the ‘Grayson Waller Rub’.  In retaliation, Jey hit Grayson with an uppercut.

After that, a match took place between Jey Uso and Grayson Waller. Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa & Paul Heyman made an entrance while the match was going on. Roman sat on a chair in front of the ring and observed the bout. When the match ended, Solo attacked Jey and tried to set up a Samoan Spike, but it was countered by Jey with a superkick. Then Reigns attacked Jey, but Jey replied with a Spear.

After that Jey was getting prepared to deliver a Uso Splash on Roman Reigns, but he was interrupted by Solo. Then Roman and Solo delivered their team finisher the “Spear Spike” on Jey two times in a row.

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