”All time crying”: Eagles’ WR AJ Brown angered NFL fans by blaming refs for Super Bowl LVII defeat against Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs

AJ Browns’ team, the Philadelphia Eagles lost a Super Bowl to the Kansas City Chiefs last season. Although it’s been a few months, it seems like the Eagles are still not over the loss. From time to time, we get to witness a regretful story from the Eagles about their Super Bowl loss. This time AJ Brown talked about the matter.

The WR claims that the referee in the game was responsible for their loss. He recently talked about the championship and his words didn’t sit well with the fans who think the wide receiver just needs to move on rather than blaming others for their loss.

Eagles’ WR AJ Brown blames NFL refs for Super Bowl LVII loss

Recently, AJ Brown appeared in a YouTube video in which he talked about the NFL. When he was asked about whether the defensive backs usually hold the receivers in the NFL, Brown was quick to say that they do. However, referees don’t call it. 

“All the time, but refs don’t call it. They never call it. They just called it during the Super Bowl, on that one play.” 

He was referring to their game with the Kansas City Chiefs. In the final minutes of the game, the Super Bowl referees called the holding call on James Bradberry, the defensive back of the Philadelphia Eagles. 

AJ Brown is still angry at the referee for this call because this call gave an opportunity to Patrick Mahomes and his team to run and kick a field goal in the last few seconds allowing them to win the Super Bowl championship

NFL fans are outraged by Eagles’ AJ Brown’s Super Bowl refs blame

The referee call during the last minutes of the Super Bowl game was a controversial topic for a long time. However, the recent comments of AJ Brown angered NFL fans. They are now brutally blasting the WR for blaming the referee for their loss.

AJ Brown


Fans were quick to post tweets telling Brown to move on from the loss. “So embarrassing. Get over it dudes.”

Some fans even questioned his skills by tweeting, “Better at crying than winning.”

Fans are now tired of listening to the same rant of the team. Instead of accepting their defeat and moving on they are still crying over the past. “All time crying.”

It is embarrassing for the fans of the Eagles as well that the team is unable to accept their defeat. They need to learn from the past and work on their weak parts to come back stronger for the upcoming season. AJ Browns and the Eagles have the chance to win a Super Bowl this season only if they focus on the game instead of lamenting the past.

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