Watch: Patrick Mahomes gives Lombardi Trophy to fan at Chiefs Super Bowl parade

Super Bowl LVII was one of the most exciting Super Bowl encounters in years. The game was in favor of both teams at a certain moment and was no less than a seesaw. The Eagles led the game until halftime.

However, with the efforts of star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who limped his way to make touchdowns and helped the Cheifs win their second Super Bowl in four years.

Before the Super Bowl, Patrick Mahomes also received his second MVP award making his team and family proud. Although Mahomes is very sincere and responsible, he did something in the Chiefs’ victory parade, making fans laugh their lungs out. 

With his responsible self Mahomes helped his team win the Super Bowl. Fans who watched the main event would know Patrick was injured while playing against the Eagles, and even though the Eagles targeted his injured ankle, Mahomes gave it his all to lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy. 

Even afterward, Patrick’s sincere and responsible character was evident as he took his family- wife and children to Disney land to celebrate their victory. However, Patrick Mahomes was fairly irresponsible in the victory parade as he handed over the Vince Lombardi Trophy to a fan, leaving the area and forgetting about it!

How did Patrick Mahomes commit the irresponsible act?

Mahomes in the victory parade was out with an all-celebration attitude. His attire caught the attention of many people as he wore a WWE e belt and a pair of goggles. With his all-celebration attitude, Patrick was taking pictures with fans and the Vince Lombardi Trophy when suddenly, the star quarterback handed over the trophy to a random fan and left the scene!

Later the video of the insanely funny and horrifying scene spread on social media platforms making fans go bonkers and have a bit of laugh.

Patrick completely forgot about the trophy. However, he did not get into trouble as someone from the crew or a security guard retrieved the prize trophy. Yet, many fans could not believe their eyes as it was the Chiefs’ star quarterback.

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