NBA’s all-time scoring leader LeBron James seems unfazed after receiving boos at Super Bowl LVII

The Super Bowl is the most entertaining and anticipated event in American sports culture, and the 57th edition of the event held 70048 attendees at State Farm Stadium.

This large crowd produced several memorable moments, like cheering the Kansas City Chiefs like it was the end of the world, criticizing referees for controversial calls, and mostly booing star athletes like Dak Prescott and Lebron James.

Despite making an iconic hand gesture in response to the jeering, the NBA superstar appeared unconcerned about the crowd’s reaction to such an event.

Why did LeBron James seem undaunted by the fans’ booing?

The Los Angeles Lakers living legend appeared at the event with his wife, Savanna James. When the Lakers legend was shown on the screen, the crowd literally booed him, and the highest-scoring NBA player in history dealt with the negativity in a classy manner, making the hand gesture of wearing a crown on his head.

The 38-year-old had spent his whole basketball career in the most competitive league in the world. He had heard enough criticism and backlash to last him a lifetime and had learned how to deal with it.

Even after breaking Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s record and becoming the most prolific point scorer in NBA history, some refuse to acknowledge the league’s legends.

Lebron is playing in his 20th season of an NBA career after being the first overall pick in the 2003 NBA draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers. In this long journey, the 19-time all-star has experienced every kind of fan there is. These catcalls are nothing new to the NBA King.

Even before, as a passionate football fan, James has been actively participating in most issues there are, and the fans have taken a stance against him several times. His personality and experience taught him how to handle all kinds of fans, even in the NFL.

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