Bills’ Safety Damar Hamlin claims he is physically ‘doing great’ but still ‘processing the emotions and trauma’ of cardiac arrest

The Buffalo Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin has gone through a chaotic life-threatening situation, which is considered enough for any human to go through once in a lifetime.

The Bills’ safety had suffered a cardiac arrest during the game against the Cincinnati Bengals after a collision with the Bengals’ Tee Higgins. Since then, the 24-year-old has experienced a roller coaster with life, and the medical personnel did their best to bring him back from the door of death.

Damar has been recovering from the illness for more than a month, and he hasn’t shared any details about his experience until now.

What did Damar Hamlin say regarding his experience of cardiac arrest?

In an exclusive interview with Good Morning America, the Bills star has finally expressed his version of the experience. In his response to the host, Michael Strahan, Hamilton implied he didn’t want to revisit the memory, even though he found it difficult to watch the clash with Tee Higgins.

In reply to physical fitness, he said, “I’m doing great, you know, every morning I just – every morning, every night, I take ten deep breaths to myself, and it puts everything in perspective for me.”

But on the mental side, Hamlin is still struggling to process the incident that happened to him at such a young age. “Something I can’t describe yet, something I’m still processing and something I’m trying to work through, you know, why that happened to me,” the youngster revealed.

“I’m still working through things. I’m still trying to process all the emotions and the trauma that comes from dealing with a situation like that,” Hamlin elucidated. “And no one in my immediate circle who has dealt with something like that.”

While talking about the future, the player revealed his goal to keep continuing with life while still eyeing a return to the pitch and tackling opponents.

Bill 3 was present at the Super Bowl event at State Farm Stadium, sitting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and witnessed the medical team that saved his life being honored and appreciated by the organization.

damar hamlin roger goodell
Damar Hamlin and Donna Kelce sit side-by-side at the Super Bowl. (credit: yahoo)

What are your thoughts on Damar Hamlin’s emotional fortitude? Can he come back to the most beloved sport in America? Leave your thoughts with us in the comments.


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