Damar Hamlin attends divisional round game Bills vs Bengals following his cardiac arrest

After a 20-day break, the Buffalo Bills experienced another upset as they faced the Cincinnati Bengals again in the NFL divisional round. The previous upset was caused by a fatal injury that sent safety Damar Hamlin to the ICU.

The previous meeting on January 2 was canceled due to the tragic accident suffered by Bill’s 24-year-old safety, Damar Hamlin. But this time the Bengals didn’t let the game slip away, and they crashed the party at the Bills’ stadium last night.

Damar, who had suffered a cardiac arrest during the previous campaign, experienced another heartbreak when his team was defeated. However, this time he didn’t need to go to the clinic.

How did Damar Hamlin watch the Buffalo Bills game?

Hamlin went to the stadium to watch his teammate play in the playoffs and inspire them from the stands. He arrived at the venue on a cart that took him straight to the locker room. It seems the player met with his teammates prior to the game to uphold the spirit.

Previously, he visited the facility to meet with the team and officials prior to a training session last week. However, this is the first time he watched the game live at the venue.

Just before the first half, Hamlin was seen clapping and making a heart gesture through a window to motivate his teammates, as the Bills had already conceded a huge deficit.

The young professional’s health gradually improved as a result of his physical appearance. On the other hand, the Bills suffered a humiliating loss of 10-27 to the Bengals, which might send Damar to the hospital for such a heartbreaking performance.

The NFL world breathed a sigh of relief as the safety regained his health and appeared to be in good spirits. He even watched the Bills game on the screen at the hospital, but this is his first physical appearance in front of a full crowd.

We, the fans, are very delighted to see Damar Hamlin is determined to return to his natural form. We hope to see him on the field wearing the number 3 jersey soon. What are your feelings? Tell us in the comment section.


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