NFL fans brutally mock Cris Collinsworth for his remark on Patrick Mahomes’ throw vs Jaguars

The highlight of the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Jacksonville Jaguars on Saturday was Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes getting injured. There was another name that came following Mahomes’ and made quite a buzz on the internet, the name of commentator Cris Collinsworth. Most importantly, these two names were associated with each other as far as the gossip goes.  

In the second quarter, Trevor Lawrence received a difficult break as his 60-yard bomb ball to Christian Kirk went incomplete. Kirk looked to have an excellent opportunity to catch the ball, but when he fell to the ground, he lost control of it.  The play has received a lot of attention on Twitter from football fans, not so much for the play itself as for color commentator Cris Collinsworth’s call. Collinsworth blamed Lawrence, claiming that the ball was overthrown on the play.

“The last thing you think you’re going to do is overthrow him 60 yards downfield,” Collinsworth said.

Collinsworth has been criticized by fans for his assessment of the play and obsession with Mahomes. “Cris Collinsworth gushed over Mahomes throwing a ball into the dirt, and yet criticized Lawrence for overthrowing a 50-yard pass to Kirk that was a drop, not an overthrow,” a self-described Jaguars fan tweeted. “What are we doing here, guys.”

“Lol Cris Collinsworth ‘overthrow’ when the ball hits him right in the hands,” wrote another.”

After leaving the field with an ankle injury, Patrick reappeared on the field in the second half and got a lot of attention from Cris. Collinsworth praised Mahomes for avoiding an interception by sending a pass into the ground. NBA fans trolled the commentator for such a biased description of the play.

Fans didn’t hold back from mocking Cris for his blind obsession with Patrick. He has a soft corner for the 27-year-old QB and it shows. Early in the third quarter, the Chiefs lead the Jaguars 17-10. Mahomes and Lawrence have each thrown a touchdown pass.

What’s your take on Cris Collinsworth and his controversial commentary on Saturday’s match? You can share with us in the comment.


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