Watch: “This what be on tv Jesus Christ” Bills WR Stefon Diggs weighs in on Dana White’s Power Slap Competition

Are you familiar with the sport called “slap fighting”? If not, we can assure you that you’re not alone. The Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs couldn’t believe slap-fighting is a real thing when he first saw it. He was horrified and fascinated at the same time and the internet cannot get over his reaction after he saw his first-ever power slap competition featuring Dana White.

Diggs strikes every note—sickened and confused, but too morbidly intrigued to turn away. “This is some crazy sh*t right here,” he says. “They right here smacking the sh*t out of each other.” We cannot stretch the fact enough that this is the basic and natural reaction of anyone watching this bizarre contest for the first time.

Diggs comments in the video he posted on his story that he no longer watches traditional TV and just watches Netflix, but he chose a nice night to tune in. He happened to see the debut episode of Dana White’s new ‘Power Slap’ reality series, an eight-episode excursion into the crazy world of professional slapping in which contestants compete not only for a position in the Power Slap House but also for the coveted Power Slap championship.

Even for a player like him who plays one of the most hazardous sports and is prone to physical impairment at any given moment, more than most other athletes, slap fighting seems significantly horrendous. We just want to let you know, Diggs, we are all in the same boat.

If you have not watched any slap fighting contest prior to this one, you should definitely go and check some out. Don’t shy away from mentioning your initial reaction in the comment section.


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