Netflix scores an exclusive $50million deal for epic 10-episode Cowboys owner Jerry Jones docuseries

One can assume the struggle of the players behind their successful journey, albeit little one has an idea on the toils of a team owner on paving the way for the players for their desired goal. To let the NFL world that behind the scenes’ story Netflix has approached on making a docuseries on the owner of Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones.

The journey is more than two decades, however, it is not less than a drama with three Super Bowl wins under his belt which stand Jones in a different row than most other team owners.

Netflix reportedly paid around $50 million for Jerry Jones docuseries

In 1989, Jerry, a billionaire American businessman, claimed to be the franchise’s most valuable owner. Since then, he has established himself as the face of the Dallas team as the first owner to guide his team to three NFC championships, 12 NFC division titles, additionally three Super Bowl victories in his first seven years of ownership.

However, the Cowboys’ failure to win the Super Bowl since 1996 and their string of only 14 winning seasons over the previous 27 years have turned those records into a source of night terror for the owner. Broadcasting juggernaut Netflix is set to outbid Amazon and ESPN for the streaming rights to a 10-episode docuseries on Jerry to commemorate his entire roller coaster journey for $50 million.

Although the series’ release date has not yet been determined, it is anticipated that it will reflect the documentary series on Michael Jordan’s “Last Dance”. Additionally, the series will include some previously unreleased interviews with quarterback Troy Aikman, running back Emmitt Smith, and wide receiver Michael Irvin.

Has the NFL ever been the subject of a Netflix docuseries?

Before taking this move, the broadcast giant debuted their series journey with a partnership with NFL films featuring the NFL world through ” Quarterback” docuseries on Marcus Mariota, Kirk Cousins, and Patrick Mahomes.

Quarterback - Netflix Docuseries

The eight-episode series will cover a glimpse of these three quarterbacks’ performance and accolades during their 2022 season which is scheduled to be premiered on July 12. NFL fans can’t wait for the new series, which will show how players balance the demands of their personal and professional lives when they are in the huddle to inside their homes.

However, the most recent installment of a team owners docuseries further solidifies Netflix’s commitment to providing compelling, original programming to its global audience.


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