NFL analyst predicts Bills’ downfall next season despite having star QB Josh Allen: “Something related to Ken Dorsey

Since the start of the journey, the Buffalo Bills has stood out as one of the league’s stunning squads, though the team is yet to bag a Lombardi trophy and fulfill their Championship hunger.

The Bills always keep themselves in the front line regarding their roster as one can hardly find a weakness in their lineup, yet this season the team seems facing some drawbacks regarding the squad that the former NFL general manager and current media analyst Michael Lombardi retorted.

Bills’ performance last season

The Buffalo Bills finished the regular season with a 13-3 record going 7-1 at home and 6-2 on the road including the playoffs, the Buffalo Bills went 14-4. With Josh Allen at the helm, the Bills showcased their power as one of the best offenses in the league while enjoying the second-best offense in points scored per game (28.4) last season.

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However, the Buffalo team is the only team in the last 30 years to lose not one, additionally started the last season by defeating defending Super Bowl Champs, Los Angeles Rams, 31 – 10, albeit for the second consecutive season they experienced an AFC Divisional round loss after falling to the Bengals 27-10.

Issues in the Bill’s roster

Over the years, the Bills have presented themselves as a tough contender with a tight roster, however, the roster of the team this year does not seem as appealing according to many sports analysts. They lost Pro Bowl linebacker Tremaine Edmunds and didn’t replace him while also failing to add another.

Additionally, in the wide receiver section, the Bills are lacking dominant power while leaving all the responsibilities on Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis. Moreover, Diggs already expressed his discontent with his teammate Josh Allen while reportedly having trouble with their defensive coordinator Ken Dorsey and was absent in the team’s mandatory minicamp.

The former NFL manager regarded it as an ‘internal combustion’ that is going to affect the whole team in the regular season on his appearance in the Pat McAfee show.

“I think there’s some internal combustion going on within that building,” he said. “I think they have a lot of things going on.”

If you look over the roster the most interesting transition to be noticed is from Daboll to Dorsey in last season and Lombardi assumed the ongoing rift between Diggs and Dorsey is another reason for their internal combustion.

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“Are they gonna become more of a 12-team instead of an 11-team, which they were the last two seasons?” Lombardi said. “Maybe it’s something related to Dorsey. Maybe he and Dorsey can’t see eye-to-eye. I don’t know. Dorsey seems like a very temperamental guy.”

During the conversation, the media analyst also dragged the issue of the departure of Leslie Frazier as he thought it was not a good move for the Bills and he assumed it was a red alert for the team ahead of the next season.

“Let’s go back to Leslie Frazier’s departure, the defensive coordinator,” Lombardi said. “You know, Sean McDermott wants to call the defensive plays and Leslie Frazier was in charge of that.”

However, before the regular season’s game, the ongoing turbulence among the front office and players left the Bills fans much confused and frustrated. Let’s see if they can get rid of such issues and fulfill their dream of the Super Bowl.


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