Daniel Ricciardo once revealed Max Verstappen’s famous lookalike

Max Verstappen has been put on a pedestal amongst the greatest of all-time racers. Of course, his high standings don’t free him from getting memed every now and then. This time he is being compared to a cartoon character that many love.

Daniel, Max’s former teammate is back at it again with his pranks and jokes and during an interview with the Red Bull drivers, Daniel took a moment of camera time to show which cartoon character Max Verstappen looks like.  

Who is the body double of Max Verstappen according to fellow RB driver?

Daniel Ricciardo compared Sid the sloth from the Ice Age franchise to Max Verstappen and it has taken the internet by storm. The former Red Bull driver is deliriously known for his pranks and jokes but this one truly hit home. 

This is not the first time, Daniel has played a prank on Max Verstappen as they were teammates and both of them have pulled each other’s legs a considerable number of times.

Daniel Ricciardo set to return in RB19

After months of waiting Daniel Ricciardo is ready to make a return onto the tracks with Red Bull, as team motorsport advisor Helmut Marko confirmed he would take the wheel of the RB19 at the upcoming British Grand Prix at Silverstone to “evaluate” his pace.

“We will have Ricciardo in the car for three days after Silverstone at the tyre test and then you can evaluate where Ricciardo really stands,” Marko confirmed. Daniel Ricciardo has faithfully performed the reserve driver’s obligations, working in the simulator and handling media responsibilities for the team throughout the 2023 season.

After departing Red Bull in 2019 to steer clear of Max Verstappen’s growing influence, Ricciardo spent two years each at Renault and McLaren before being abruptly replaced last year by Oscar Piastri, another Australian rookie.

Daniel has commented the following about his return;

“I’ve been in the simulator, but I will drive the RB19 (for the first time) in July after the Silverstone race. Then maybe I’ll get another one after Monza as well in September. I’m certainly excited to drive a fast car, but also a car that maybe still feels familiar to me – it does a little bit in the sim. But I’m just excited to drive again and to just try to remind a team obviously I once had a lot of success with that I can still turn a fast lap.” 

Daniel Ricciardo in the RB19 : r/formula1

Formula One will next greet us from the Styrian countryside for the Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring this week and going to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix the following week. Stay tuned for more updates. 

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